Shop&Ship Increasing Shipping Rates

If you’re a Shop&Ship customer you probably just got an email about the fact they will be increasing their rates starting August 15th. The odd part is… they don’t mention what the new rates are.

The new rates will be available on the Rate Calculator on our website from the above mentioned effective date.

I think that’s super weird, like you’re sending an email about your prices increasing, why not tell us what the new prices are?

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in what way is the best ? there are many others who are much better specially those who allow you to accumulate your items till you decide to ship. My account with Shop and Ship is 3 digits, unfortunately I had to use alternative 3 years ago.

I had experiences where Postshipper charge me “volumetric” weight and sometimes basically rip me off. And I didn’t trust their scale practices.
God says ويل للمطففين

I switched to shipamall since they send you a picture of your product on a scale.

What was your poor experience? If you dont mind me asking ofcourse. I ship stuff from the uk so idk about the service in their other locations. They are abit slow though.

the services have been degrading consistently over the past few years, a few months ago they charged me twice for one shipment, after i complained they emailed me a few weeks later telling me to go to their HQ to re-weigh the shipment lol like im keeping the shipment in the box for a few weeks

bad service, enough to make me wanna pay more somewhere else

I used to use them before for my Amazon shipping. But now, Amazon ships most of the goods directly with prices that are similar so stopped using them.

Of course. Always compare.
But depending on the item, I am willing to pay little extra for Amazon since I can track the order and it arrives at my home and takes 3-4 days max.

im using

its a russian company with free package consolidation and free 45 days package storage. its by far cheaper than shopNship but can be overwhelming with their form filling/invoice updates requests for first time users.

they use DHL priority shipping

I just did a quick comparison between them and Aramex. They r 2 to 3 times More expensive and they use volumetric weight not actual weight.

Some examples

Weight: 0.5KG
Shop&Ship: KD3.2
Litemf: KD8

But with Litemf its volumetric weight. So if your box is 0.5kg but comes in a small box, say 30x20x15cm, then the cost is 10KD

If the item is 0.5kg but Amazon sends it in their medium sized box which is 62 x 42 x 33 cm then its going to cost you 45KD to ship that same item.

Never use a volumetric weight service.

True. But for me personally, im always buying 10-25 small items in one go. paying 45-55 usd for them do consolidate 4-7 packages and deliver them 3 days shipping is pretty good deal. and they do stuff like getting rid of shoe boxes to lower the shipping weight/volume.

the only big con so far is that they put the actual item value and there is no way around it.

So the only time I void them is when im buying something expensive and the 5% tax outweighs the shipping cost

also dhl is way less scammy than aramex when its comes to clearance fees. the fees are standardized though all shipping companies but they always go to the higher bracket even when im below it.

few months ago I had a package thats valued 650 usd ( which is clearly less than 230 kd ) but they charged me 10 kd rather than 3.5 kd. It was such a hussle to have it corrected

Do you guys use these services for companies that can’t directly ship to Kuwait or for everything? I’ve used Amazon US and some other US stores and they were able to ship directly to my Kuwait address through Aramex and DHL Express. Never really thought of comparing prices with shop&ship tbh, maybe I should.

I guess for most, it is pick and choose.
For example, anything related to supplements, iHerb ships directly and if you put around 30KD in the basket (very easy to do), it is free shipping.
There are many options now. No need to always rely on forwarding address except where it makes sense.

Posta Plus kind of raised their rates too. They now charge 1.5KD per package as customs fees or something like that.

Does anyone more about ‘Express Shipping’ option of ASOS? Do they still send you to your local post office (albeit faster)? Or will they send through DHL/FedEx (and direct delivery to home)?

Asos Express shipping sends it directly to your home via a courier service. Not DHL/Aramex but a smaller local company.

I use Shop&Ship through an Aramex Account address in the UK. Aramex then ship and deliver to my address in Kuwait.

Is there a way to ask Shop&Ship to deliver directly to my Kuwaiti address, because I think Aramex are setting the rates for me.

And what about products such as from Amazon UK, that “cannot ship to Kuwait” which will be avoided when I deliver to a UK address?

I still prefer over shop&ship. I never ship 1 product or products that doesn’t weight much, so I end up with lower rates.

I can assure you that 100% you’re paying more to ship with MyUS. I’ve already covered this comparison on the blog before, shop and ship is always cheaper except in one aspect. If you are shipping something expensive and light like a laptop, MyUS comes out cheaper not because their shipping price is less, but because you don’t pay taxes on the item.

They keep increase their prices until no end, I am using Flex service but if I did not subscribe perhaps I could save some money while looking for alternatives.

Will look for other service provider.

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