The Worst Courier I’ve Ever Dealt With!

It’s been a while since I last complained about a business, but this experience was too much not to share. A few weeks ago I ordered a new MacBook Air from I sent the MacBook to MyUS forwarding mailbox and then selected the cheapest shipping option to Kuwait because I wasn’t in a rush to get it and I’m cheap like that. MyUS ended up shipping it with a courier I hadn’t heard of before, SMSA Express. I was like fine, whatever, I wasn’t in a rush anyway.

The package took around 10 days to arrive in Kuwait, similar to how long Aramex would take so it wasn’t too bad. But that’s when I ran into a problem. The package went out for delivery last Saturday, I didn’t get a call, and there was no attempted delivery. If you check the tracking via their website, it shows that it’s out for delivery, if you use their WhatsApp service to check the tracking, it says that the receiver requested a new delivery date. So I started calling customer support:

Sunday: I called customer support who told me they’d have someone call me back regarding delivery. Nobody did.

Monday: I call customer support again and they tell me their tracking system hadn’t been updated since September 25 and that my package was showing still in Bahrain. I tried to have them explain to me how my tracking data was more current than theirs and they couldn’t.

Tuesday: I called customer support again, they don’t have a local office so I have to keep calling their Saudi number btw (thank you Skype). They tell me my package will be delivered today or tomorrow.

Wednesday: I called customer support, and they told me my package will be delivered today.

Thursday: This time when I called customer support I made a big fuss about how my package has been out for delivery for one week and they keep promising me delivery every day and how no one ever calls me. I get transferred to a manager who promises he will make sure my package will get delivered today before 3 PM.

Less than an hour later while on my way to Shuwaikh, I get a message from their driver asking me for a location. I call him up and ask him if he prefers to deliver in Kuwait City which is the original address listed, or Shuwaikh since I’ll be there. He tells me he’s delivering to Wafra 🤦🏼‍♂️. My office is in a building called Wafra Downtown Tower, so the dispatcher had read te first word, ignoring the rest of the address and decided that my package should be delivered to the area Wafra. I explain to the driver that the name of the building was Wafra, but the address was Kuwait City, he told me the office told him to deliver to Wafra and that’s where his deliveries are. So I ask him if I could come to him, he said I could and that he was in Farwaniya, so I got his location and headed there.

I get to the driver less than 15 minutes later and find out that SMSA Express use a local courier called OCS Express for their Kuwait deliveries. I finally get my package from the driver but he then asks for a payment of KD23.900 for customs. I was like it’s a laptop, there is no customs on laptops in Kuwait. So I ask the driver for an invoice and he says he doesn’t have one. Told him there was no way I was going to pay without at least an invoice. So he calls up his office and I talk to a lady and explain to her the situation. She says she will send me an invoice later, I told her I needed it first before paying, it’s a normal request. She told me it would take around 5-10mins, I was like fine I’ll wait and hung up. A few minutes later driver comes up to my window and hands me the phone. It’s the lady again, supposedly the accountant isn’t there and the driver needs to go make his rounds. I told her I’d been chasing this package for a week and I even drove all the way to Farwaniya to pick it up, I’m not leaving without the package. I hand the phone back to the driver and he goes back to his car. A few minutes later he comes to me and shows me a WhatsApp he got of a photo of the invoice. It said 23.900KD so I ask him to send me the photo and I hand him the amount cash to get my package.

After he left, I look at the invoice carefully and they charged me 20.400KD for customs. So I call the company up and talk to the lady I had spoken to earlier and explain to her that laptops don’t have customs charges so how was I being charged customs? She transfers me to another person who I assume is an accountant or manager. The guy tells me the item costs 408KD which is why there is customs on it. I told him the value doesn’t matter since it’s a laptop, and there are no customs on laptops. He says the description says there were notebooks in the box as well. I was like wtf, they’ve written notebook cuz it’s a notebook computer and if he doesn’t, believe me, I still hadn’t opened the box and he can check! I then proceed to tell him it was illegal that they were charging customs on a laptop when the government doesn’t charge customs and that I was going to report them for this. He then told me they would refund me the customs charge of 20.400KD but not the remaining charges. I told him fine and I sent them a payment link and got my refund.

So much drama for such a simple thing as a delivery. The fact that I was being charged customs when I shouldn’t have been is also super dodgy. If you ever use MyUS make sure you don’t select the cheapest delivery so you don’t end up getting your items shipped with SMSA and OCS!

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That’s one sexy machine man. Enjoy!
How’s the screen size and resolution? I’m thinking of upgrading my 15in pro to this machine, but worried that the step down from 15.1 to 13.6 might feel awkward.

I have the 14″ MacBook Pro and just replaced my 3 year old MacBook Air with the new M2. So far I love it, I found myself using it more than my 14″ this past weekend but might be cuz its still new. Battery life is supposed to be like 18 or 20 hours so curious to try that. I also got the ram upgraded to 16GB and SSD to 512 since I think those were my biggest bottlenecks with my old MacBook air (8gb and 128gb) that has caused it to be super slow.

That is Kuwait delivery service my friend.

When I’m abroad and get my things delivered to me without any hassle I just wonder why can we not have that here.

I have a bank card that needs to be delivered to me in Kuwait by Aramex and it has been sent to Saudi Arabia. This is my renewal hassle I have to face everytime.

“When I’m abroad and get my things delivered to me without any hassle I just wonder why can we not have that here.”
Cheap labor

OMG, I almost had a heart attack just reading this! You are one patient customer, I’ll tell you that.

First of all these people are ignorant and stupid AF, not to mention unprofessional

Second of all, what’s the point of a delivery company if I’ll have to pursuit their driver with my own time using my own car!

And finally, these horror stories I keep hearing are the reason why I buy from Kuwait and pay the huge mark up in price, to avoid heart attacks and dealing with such horrible people.

P.S.: Glad you finally got your Laptop, or should I say: Notebook lol

It’s not even that much of a markup buying the MacBook Air in kuwait and I was even in Dubai a couple of weeks back and could have bought it there. Only reason I ordered mine online was cuz I wanted the US keyboard and wanted the upgraded ram and larger hard drive which aren’t standard.

YES! Should’ve told the lady on the phone, “Btw a payment of 20 KD is due from your end for my services which include calling you guys for one week and chasing your driver while he assumed the delivery is for Wafra – would you be paying via link or cash?”

🚚 💨

I was wondering about customs duties as well. I recently ordered a package of skincare (value of the shipment was approximately KD 45) and DHL Express charged me about 4KD as customs duties (in addition to 3 KD service fees)

Previously, personal shipments under KD 100 didn’t attract customs duties. Does anyone know if this has changed?

Ive had a very opposite experience. I use smsa when im not in a hurry and the items arent expensive and always had a pleasant experience if getting them less than 10 days. Fedex economy was the worst option on myus and definitely dissuade against that

That is not a invoice. That’s a manually made it from MS Word. and they tried very well to make a random invoice take the money and move on. glad you were smart enough to get back to them.

delivery services in Kuwait are so backward!! thankfully you got the laptop in one piece

btw, please share the list of products that are exempt from customs and if you have the time to make it as separate post, that would great.

+1 for this post Mark

I have used them twice and both times it’s been my worst experience. I recently ordered a book and it took 10 days to deliver after passing customs!! The local agent for SMSA is dogshite they ask for your address even though every single piece of paper has my address they make false promises for deliveries and SMSA customer support itself is a joke. They also charged me about KWD 3 for each shipment for “customs” and there was so invoice.

Apologies for the rant I thought I was just unlucky. Thank you for this post Mark. I highly recommend everyone to just ship directly when you can with tracked shipping and AVOID SMSA

Oh no guys, Mark had one bad experience. Lets just cancel and shun this company, boycott them now! What if it was an isolated case, maybe it was just this one time. Try their services again before you try to use your personal platform to impede someone elses livelihood. Punk.

Oh no guys, Seems like one of the workers from the shitty courier service is trying to regain their self respect by posting such stuff….

GTFO here with your negativity if you do not like the review, It helps consumers like me make a choice.

Pro tip : Always get your high-valued shipments delivered through FedEx or UPS, regardless of whether its needed urgently or not. It’s not worth the gamble, man.

I am awaiting my new iphone shipped via SMSA and have no updates since 10 days, their WA bot just replies Sorry, We couldn’t find the shipment you are looking for. What is the call center number you tried to contact

I am awaiting my new iphone shipped via SMSA and have no updates since 10 days, their WA bot just replies Sorry, We couldn’t find the shipment you are looking for. What is the local call center number you tried to contact

we have dealt with OCS before for high value items it was a nightmare the company wanted to save some money ended up paying more.

Hey Mark, make sure you ask for the actual Customs invoice next time this happens with any of the courier companies. The invoice they sent you was put together on word and there is no invoice number…I did this with DHL once and they sent me an actual copy of the invoice with my item on it.

Talking about courier companies, had a immense bad experience shipping my shoe through Aramex kuwait from Sun and Sand, the shipment was out for delivery and never made it to me and finally they lost the shipment and i got a refund after 2 months!

I’ve been using MyUS on a weekly basis for years and never had a problem. I usually select DHL. This story isn’t surprising though since i heard MyUS was recently bought out by Aramex- that is very concerning. Aramex are pretty much a criminal organization, you shouldn’t use them unless your dumb or willing to get scammed. In the end picking the cheapest option will always end up costing you the most.

Same happens to me with this stupid company !!!

I used the cheapest option in MyUs and it’s happened to be this delivery company , so I order the IPhone last year from Apple and they ask me to pay 30 KD for the customs and it’s should be no customs on phone , I refuse to pay and they ask that they will get it back to us I said it’s ok , because it’s illegal that I pay for customs and it’s free ! , and now it’s more expensive than in kuwait 🙂 , so next day they said that I’m right and there is mistake and I shouldn’t pay anything !

I’ve had the unfortunate experience of being forced to use them twice, and each time was like playing a game of “will I get my package or won’t I” Russian roulette.

Unfortunately I did not CHOOSE to use SMSA but was forced to — I have a MyUS account and usually go through the US mailbox, however they recently included a UK address as well. Once I ordered a local(ish) package to that address and the only shipping option was through this pathetic excuse for a courier company.

My experiences were exactly as you described. First slow to even ship (especially considering the price), then somehow the package ends up sitting in Bahrain for I have no idea how long. Then the tracking data shows it’s sent to Kuwait. THEN the tracking data shows it’s sent back to Bahrain.


Every time I called customer service (and selected the English option) I either got:

– put on hold forever
– spontaneously hung up on
– connected with a person who didn’t speak English at all
– connected with someone who had no idea what was going on and couldn’t help me at all, then was told someone higher would contact me (spoiler alert: they never did)
– or my personal favorite, just stopped talking altogether. And I know they were there because I heard them making other background noise, they just refused to answer when I asked them a question!

Eventually I managed to speak with some non-mute individuals who could never find my package based off the tracking/order number I was provided by MyUS. After arguing with them for a while, it came out that SMSA does not ship within Kuwait itself but instead hands their packages off to another company for delivery.

Ok, fine. Can you give me the name of the company so I can follow up with them? NOPE. They don’t know what company it is. EXCUSE ME???? So basically my package was somewhere in the ether, and maybe, one day, it might find its way to me. Thank goodness one day I got a call out of nowhere from some delivery guy looking to deliver my package.

What. A. Sh*tshow.

Unfortunately because MyUS only allows me to use this one circus of a company, I will never use their UK forwarding service again. MyUS need to sort themselves out before they offer this service to loyal customers.

I thought let me give it a try with MyUs – Cheapest delivery method for a product from Amazon, and it was a mistake. The SMSA tracking is useless from Oct 25 its in Bahrain and got my item delivered just yesterday Nov 14; so 3 weeks for clearance and yes OCS charged KD3.300/- as CC charges. Better to pay lil more and get better service from FedEx or Aramex or DHL.

Had the displeasure of using this courier twice, they are so bad it’s not even funny.

Once for my Quest 3 return where they were so bad and slow Amazon had enough and told me I can have the darn thing and refunded me.

And twice now for a RMA of another VR headset where they *somehow* managed to lose the invoice which means it got stuck at customs and never told me, so I had to chase them for days to get them to hand over another one I sent …

They are so bad their phone number in Bahrain disconnects randomly at you.

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