9 h – nine hours capsule hotel in Japan

Post by Mark

9h is a new high end capsule hotel in Kyoto, Japan. The name comes from the idea that you need 1 hour to shower, 7 hours to sleep and 1 hour break which is a total of 9 hours. It looks a lot better than the usual capsule hotel’s I’ve seen and at only KD12 per night (9 hours) its pretty affordable albeit claustrophobic. [Link]

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  1. Omar says:

    This is not a hotel. Its a dog kennel!

  2. Dyxio says:

    What a coincidence, another favorite blogger of mine posted this yesterday. As a long time reader of your blog, Mark, I’m sure you’ll enjoy puddleofred. Here’s a link to Ali’s post: http://www.puddleofred.com/blog/?p=4020

  3. Realist says:

    Claustrophobia at its best !

  4. Patrick says:

    I think that’s pretty cool, it’s like living in a space ship. Something I’d like to try out (the 9h… but I wouldn’t mind trying out living in a space ship either).

  5. Q80BOY says:

    so a person is locked up in this tube for nine hours? and he pays for it? damn the world is getting wierder by the minute :S

  6. Dakhtar Blue says:

    What the hell! 1 hour to shower? Laish?

  7. Yousuf M says:

    My friends thats Japan for you.. I am not none of the kuwaitis would even think of this.. HAHAHA infact i would say none of the normal ppl!

  8. Bik says:

    It’s not ‘Japan for you’, Yousuf. Have you even been to the country? It’s a cheap option for drunk salary men who have missed the last train home.

  9. Shorestick says:

    this is ingenius, you gotta hand it to the japs, they really come up with some kick arse ideas XD

  10. Ali M. says:

    Looool Bik ;p that’s so true! everybody thinks that Japanese people love to sleep in those capsules.

    I think what Yousuf meant was these ideas only pop up in Japan.. And in that sense “thats Japan For You” ;p I mean where else would someone think of something like that for drunk salary men who miss their last trains home? haha

  11. Summer says:

    I’ve seen this in a show, it’s pretty cool!! ;)
    I wouldn’t want to stay in that though..

  12. Mr.pedro says:

    Damn i would suffocate inside on of these tunnels

  13. 1 hour showering is too much!

  14. GH0S1_R33P0R says:

    some people ( me included) take really long showers
    1 hour isnt too much of a stretch from my usual length

  15. purpleram says:

    All they need to do in is throw in an MRI scan and we’ve got a deal!

  16. Explorer says:

    Guys, they give you 1 hr to shower… you don’t have to take it all LOL

  17. Q8Sultana says:

    JENO – is your name actually Jenő?? Because if yes, then we are from the same country :o)

  18. lensman says:

    I’d suffocate in there too…

  19. Bouland says:

    i’ve been to one of those during my trip last March to Japan. the place was filled with tourists & not salarymen. they’re cheap, clean, and offer you an alternative they are open from 5 pm till 10 am after that you gotta leave :)

    my only complaint is that they didn’t turn the air conditioner on inside the capsules at that time of the year. it was a bit hot :(

    sadly, the one in akihabara closed permanently this year

  20. desertsky says:

    Wow.Some closed-minded idiots complaining about western innovation.EVERYTHING in this country is copied from the west.

  21. Haterhaute says:

    So where are the showers? I’ve heard of these before but not about being able to shower.. Is it like a dorm style thing? Eff that!

  22. Bouland says:

    @Haterhaute: yep, dorm style, shared bath :)

  23. Haterhaute says:

    Zoinks! Do Not Want!!

  24. aNa says:

    It’s not something new that they just came up with! it been done a couple of years ago by YOtel and they copied what YOtel did a long time ago, which is a much better concept. And guess what a KUWAITI company “IFA hotels & resorts” is one of the major INVESTORS!
    So in this country we don’t copy, we invest in great ideas that are copied later on in other regions!

  25. Alfie says:

    1 hour shower time also takes into account the time allowed to take a bath (in traditional Japanese style you shower first then soak in a hot bath), you are not standing under a running shower for that time.
    Capsule hotels are purely for necessities and seeing as real estate in Japan is limited space saving design is required, hence the bed sized sleeping quarters. The Japanese are the masters of space, time and utilities saving and this shows that all in a neat package.
    Perhaps before leaving inane comments people could consider cultural differences and educate themselves before insulting others.

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