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MyUS vs Aramex

MyUS is a US forwarding mailbox that has been around for a long time now, before Aramex even but their prices were always more expensive.. or I thought. I always calculated small packages like 1KG and Aramex would come out cheaper but a reader made me realize that MyUS is actually cheaper when it comes to heavier packages. They also offer a few features that Aramex doesn’t offer like you can have them ship your magazines once a month while your regular packages twice a week. If you get a lot of junk mail you can choose not to receive any. You could even ship stuff when you want instead of a regular interval. So for example you ordered a few items from Amazon, instead of having them ship to Kuwait as soon as they arrive to your mailbox you could wait until they’re all in your mailbox and then ship them all together in one box.

Here is a price comparison with Aramex:
10 lbs Aramex $89 – MyUS $101
25 lbs Aramex $203 – MyUS $172
50 lbs Aramex $403 – MyUS $287
100 lbs Aramex $796 – MyUS $500
150 lbs Aramex $1201 – MyUS $500

If you decide to sign up use this link:
It will cancel the annual membership fee. Just make sure you should choose annual while you’re checking out and it should reduce the amount to just the setup fee. I’m also in contact with someone at MyUS and they’re going to try and reduce the amount of the lighter items to compete with Aramex. So here’s another option for everyone, enjoy.

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Then this sounds like a good deal !
their sign up fee is $35 which is around 9KD. sounds good. Now only if they had just KWD 0.250 less than aramex for the shipping price with the features that they have, that would be fantastic! (that is not getting held by the customs drama ofcourse)

#3. beer.. hahahaha.. you’d be crazy then mate!

one of their best features is personal shopper, I can ask them to buy an item for me from a shopper that usually denies my credit card (newegg).
I have posted a detailed guide on how to use personal shopped, hope you don’t mind me linking here ๐Ÿ˜‰

another thing I like: the heavier the shipment, the cheaper I pay for shipping. I paid $6.5 per pound for a 40 pound shipment. if it was Aramex I would pay $400 and not $270 ๐Ÿ™‚

also: full control, in the premium service you can choose what to ship and when. They also scan the receipts so you can check before you even ship it!

I just tried to register using the link given to cancel the annual fee, but it is added to the total amount. any ideas?

There is a membership fee for the services you are talking about, while the standard service which doesn’t require a monthly or annual fee will not consolidate your packages into one box and they will ship them individually each time, so you;ll not be benefiting from the discounted shipping charges.

abdulla: ignore what you see, after you fill in your payment details you will get a screen where you choose if you want to pay annual or monthly. If you choose annual you will only have to pay $35 setup fee and the price will change at the bottom to just $35

Mark, is there a way for us to be updated on new comments in older posts of yours?

Like the crest white strips topic was 3 years old and people were still commenting till last month ๐Ÿ˜€


Guys don’t fall into the hype, the fact that they ship through Fedex means they have no control over custom fees that fedex makes you pay. Ordered a case and it shipped through fedex, paid 17 KD in freakin custom fees! Stick with DHL’s Easy Shop or Aramex.

since i dont hav knowledge in those shipping services…can anyone tell me the difference between MyUs and UshopWeship services and which is better?

Oh man, Aramex has a lot of competition out there. They better shape up or else everyone is going to be shipping out from them.

GREED, it’s what makes a business succesful…but then kills it.

Listen to your customers Aramex!

BJ you are addicted to aramex and it seems you can’t get rid of it. Trust me my friend those people lied to us all regarding new custom laws they did that hype just to play us off. If only people here could boycott a company for a short period of time they will change their so called NEW LAWS and beg you to order from them. I don’t find it strange if they took the 5% charge that they just applied to go into their accounts.

Every single damn year they increase their prices during a recession or without, they will increase prices next year mark my words. Here in Kuwait people who own a business like to play consumers for a fool and they always get away with it because consumers do nothing about it and keep quiet. Remember this simple rule (no clients+business= no money and failure) it is as simple as that!!

Aramex is better than DHL though. I tried DHL and they charged me 10KD Custom (3KD NAS, 1KD Clerance fee, and the remainning 6KD was spent for Bayan Fees) so Aramex you still have my loyalty ๐Ÿ™‚

!: Weird name lol, but yeah I am actually migrating to DHL Shop Easy hopefully, just ordered my first package there and if all goes well I will be using them instead. But yeah I have just been with Aramex for a year so its not fair for me to call them decent when apparently they pissed off people so many times. Hopefully if all goes well with DHL Shop Easy or Easy Shop lol whatever its called, I won’t be using aramex ever again ^_^

Mark: Have you asked them about that because I think they will take it upon renewal (they will charge your card after one year has passed). When you choose monthly, they have to charge you the month in advance.

Mark I’ve got a question for you:

I am dying to get that new iMac 27″ 2.8Ghz Quadcore with 8GB RAM but only way I can get it is either going to the States (since this is a customized model), have someone get it from the States or order it and have it shipped.

Since there is no customs duty on Computers I was wondering who is the best company to go with when it comes to this order? The cheapest in terms of shipping, so far I’m debating DHL EasyShop and MyUS (which is cheaper I think than DHL EasyShop)

What is your suggestion?

I would think MyUS would be cheaper, how much is the weight of the imac? If I was you I would look for someone with an APO mailbox and ship it there. Shipping would be practically free.

If you do ship to Aramex make sure about the computers being tax free, I know they told me laptops are but not sure about computers. My Acer computer was marked as a laptop.

Well according to amazon I believe with the packaging and all it will be around 40lbs however the actual weight is 30.5lbs.

And I guess I’ll try the APO thing but have you tried MyUS? Will I be taxed via Customs and such?

Interesting thanks for your feedback really appreciate it.

I’m looking into the APO option for now, however I am trying to see if will let you order and ship to an APO location.

I’m not sure but I read the following:

“The Apple Online Store U.S. ships items only within the 50 United States. No shipments can be made to PO Box addresses, United States territories, or addresses outside of the United States. You may not export any products purchased at the Apple Online Store.

The Apple Online Store U.S. does not support shipping items in a single order to multiple shipping addresses. To ship items to an additional address, please place a new order at the Apple Online Store.”


“APO/FPO Shipments

Apple does not ship directly to APO/FPO addresses. However, there are a number of third-party forwarding services that can conveniently redirect Apple Store shipments to APO/FPO addresses for a fee.

Hereโ€™s how it works:

1. Sign up with one of the third-party forwarding services such as APO Box.
2. Return to the Apple Store to complete your order using the U.S. address provided by the forwarding service.
3. Apple will ship your order to your new U.S. shipping address and the forwarding service will forward your order to your APO/FPO address. (Fees and service vary by vendor.)

Hi Guys,
I am a costomer of so far they have been a great company to deal with. My suggestion if your not going to receive mail & magazines is take the Premium Membership so you can add family & friends on your account for free. All of your weight can add up for cheaper shipping rates. If you have 150lbs you can choose the AIR FREIGHT option for $500.00 that is less than 1 KD per pound!!! Just make sure you don’t let your packages set for over 45 days or you will be charged a storage fee. Also you can choose DHL, Fed-X or, UPS! Another great option is the insurance. You get $100.00 free insurance the same as Aramex but, you have the option to pay $2.00 for each additional $100.00 of insurance! Thanks BROOKE & ROBIN at Myus for all of your great help!

Another thing to consider is when ordering from we have to pay sales tax to New York around 8.5%. gives us a mailbox in Florida which Amazon does not charge sales tax!! Any shipments under 15lbs Aramex has better shipping rates. If you hit 25 lbs or more your going to start saving lots of shipping $$$$ with The good thing is you let let your packages accumulate over a 45 day period with Myus so your not always hit with the 1st 1/2 kilo Aramex charge! Another thing to keep in mind with Myus is they charge $3.00 to consolidate each incoming package the1st 2 packages being free of charge. Good luck shoppers!!

Mark i have been with aramex for years, for your information aramex ships 70 lb packages and above through a different service if you ask them and it costs cheaper! the comparison you have mentioned with is not completely correct.

I just tried easyshop and its unlike what i have been hearing…. i got 5 dvds weighing 0.7 grams and charged me KD 6.500 + 1.8 customs so thats KD 7.600 total! if i have shipped them with aramex i would have paid 6.500 kd only because there is no custom duties on DVDs in Kuwait…… so i’m waiting for an invoice from them.

Mhmd: My mailbox number is 1XX so you can imagine how long I have been with them. I have not once heard of their different service neither is it listed on their website.

Mark, do keep in mind that for heavy shippments, i think stuff that is 25lb++ you contact aramex and they give you a special offer, plus they will most likely ship it on-ground, and they give a big discount.

why no one is answering me ..

doesnt ushopweship do the same thing ?

why every one keep ignoring them and just stick with aramex and dhl ?

Jacqui, order from Apple Store UK, like I did with my Magic Mouse. They shipped to my Aramex box UK. And got here faster! in two days believe it or not.

I have a question, If I buy the Macbook Pro from the Apple online store and ship it to kuwait, I can’t use the 1 year warranty right?

I want to buy the 13″ Macbook Pro but I’ll configure it for a larger hard drive (320 GB instead of 250 GB), in kuwait @ icity, it costs 595 KD for the model with only 250 GB HD, I calculated the price including shipping (89$) it will cost about 466 KD, I think this is great but I am worried about loosing the warranty.

another point, I know I can take an English keyboard and print Arabic letters on it somewhere, but the Macbook arabic keyboard letters are different in organization, do you know where I can print the arabic letters here in kuwait?

Thank You

@ F
what is the shipping rate from UK to Kuwait via aramex, and what’s the city they ship from, I can’t see the shipping rates on the Aramex website because I don’t know the city


Sorry, one more question,

is there any issues with using the power adapter coming with the Macbook Pro with the power supply in kuwait, since it was designed for the US? or I can use it normally? and If I can’t, what should I do?

Thanks a lot

For 50kg, did you take into account that Aramex has special discounts for overweight merchendise.
Apparently, if your product is more than 35KG, than you get discount per half kilo.. over 50kg, more discount.. and then i think there’s one for 100kg.. Not sure though. No one i know got something for 100kg yet ;p

There are many such companies namely Aramex, MyUS, Shipito, Viaddress etc But I have had bad experience with Aramex and MyUs. Both these companies are super expensive and you end up paying more than what the stuff is worth. I didn’t read anything good about Viaddress but Shipito on the other hand gave me deep international discount. not only were they easy and fast but they have a live person to assist you in case you are stuck etc. So, for me its Shipito all the way!

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