Design Highlight: Mamluki Lancet Mosque

Located in Al Masayel area, I actually watched the Mamluki Lancet Mosque being built since it’s just a few houses down the street from my friend’s place. As the mosque was being built we could tell it was going to be something special because nothing about it looked ordinary.

The mosque, designed by the local design studio Babnimnim, is a modern building that draws inspiration from the traditional Mamluki architecture of Islamic Cairo. It incorporates elements like the Islamic dome pendentive ‘Moqarnas,’ whose basic shape results from a 45° rotation of a square around its center.

The interior of the mosque is as visually interesting as the exterior, and because of the way it was designed, there are no pillars in the middle, and instead is a large open space. The interior is minimal and calm, with plenty of day light coming in through the roof.

Mamluki Lancet Mosque isn’t open yet but will be opening soon. Here is the location on Google Maps. For some more photos of this project, click here.

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I agree and also time to modernize all of Kuwait including government buildings. The people of Kuwait deserve so much more.

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