Interior Shots of the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre

Post by Mark


Looks pretty incredible, can’t wait to check it out myself.

Thanks Love_my_kuwait

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  1. Hassan says:

    Awesome design and futuristic

  2. Nasser says:

    Finally a place where performances can be conducted away from the ice skating rink!

    It does look great

  3. lucky_boy says:

    Wow. Absolutely stunning !

  4. zaydoun says:

    Looks great… I hope the “content” and performances are also worthy

    And I really hope they implement a proper online ticketing/seat selection system!

  5. kuwaitsblog says:

    wow can’t wait to visit this place

  6. Agja says:

    Wow, can’t wait for it to open.
    Are there any interior shots of the huge museum complex in Shaab yet?

  7. A Proud Kuwaiti says:


  8. vampire says:

    the theatres (heart)

  9. khalid says:

    Center not centre

  10. Satheesh says:

    Great clicks, Mark..each shot reflects the talent of the photographer…

    By the way one technical question – how do you evaluate the quality of Nikon 70-300 lens and Sigma 18-250 lens ?


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