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Back in April I posted that the popular coffee place ARABICA was opening a second location in Shuwaikh, this past weekend I found out that they’re opening another location as well. ARABICA are opening a new third location in the Arraya Plaza, the open air shaded space between Arraya Mall and the parking lot, the same spot where the first Qout Market took place.


The new ARABICA will be called ARABICA Gardenia and was designed by a Japanese architect based in Tokyo. Both ARABICA Gardenia as well as the ARABICA location in Shuwaikh are both expected to open in October.

Update: Due to an issue with the original design, the opening of the Arraya location has now been pushed back to November/December.

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  1. Yousef Bukhail says:

    can’t wait to have it next to my office

  2. q80 says:

    What a great location and a superb looking design..

    Wish all the best!

  3. That customer in the blurry second picture really looks like Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

  4. zaydoun says:

    I think they’re also opening in Dubai Mall. I saw a “coming soon” a couple months ago. Can anyone confirm if that’s still on?

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