Kuwait Cultural Centre scale model

Post by Mark

The scale model (above) of the Kuwait Cultural Centre (rendering below) is currently being exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts for the summer. From all the projects that are currently being worked on this is the one I am most excited about. I just love the design.

Check out the scale model [Here]
Check out more info and renderings [Here] and [Here]

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  1. 3azeez says:

    not going to happen. enjoy the renders.

  2. Wishbone says:

    We need to build a new “cultural” centre when a few historic buildings have fallen into pile of dried mud. This lead to a move to renovate them and bring them back up. Yet they stand there, fenced, with minimal to no renovations being made for the past few decades .. Oops I mean years …

    Yes lets build new buildings to preserve our old culture, who needs the old ones.

    • +1 – what happened to Heritage Village, the National Museum is a safety hazard and the POW museum is horrible. They forgot about history and want to blow money on another phantom project.

      • proud Kuwaiti says:

        The Heritage Village was on hold because of the discovery of the remains of the walls of Kuwait (the 2nd one) along with some archaeological artifacts.

        Agree with your argument regarding the National Museum. It needs a major facelift immediately!

        As for the historic buildings, thank God the government kept Al-Mubarakiya School, Al-Sharqiya School, Al-Qibliya School, Dickson House, the American Hospital, Bait Lothan, Red Palace in Jahra, Kishk Mubarak, etc. Unfortunately, Al-Ahmadiya School was demolished. It was built in 1921, a decade after Al-Mubarakiya School.

        • Wishbone says:

          Beside Dasman Palace and behind the Diabetic Centre in Sharq, two historic buildings which were fenced years ago to be renovated after portions fell from a rainstorm. Took a few years till they got fenced, few years more till scafolding went up around them …. Now to wait a few more years till they actually renovate.

          We care more about now. we care less about what happened back then or where we came from.

  3. Buzz says:

    Where exactly is it going to be located? To my knowledge Sabah Al-Ahmad city is in Khiran.

  4. Gijo Paul George says:

    I dont think the scale model is the same as the building in the renders..

  5. The real says:

    Ready by 2070 along with new airport

  6. blurty says:

    how many restaurants inside?

  7. Mary says:

    Is this another mirage like the airport project?

  8. RobW says:

    By 2015 the ministers will sign a memorandum of understanding, stating that by 2018 they will agree to decide to start planning the design.

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