WOK&GO Now Open

Post by Mark

The British noodle bar chain WOK&GO have now opened up at Al Hamra Tower.

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  1. Joey says:

    Tried it two days ago, I highly highly recommend it.

  2. Lucky_dude says:

    Oh that brings some old memories…university days..

  3. Tony Z says:

    We went this Thursday, loved the food… I liked the part where you can watch your food being prepared.

    Try the Sing-A-Box, thin rice noddles with chicken and shrimp… Amazing!

  4. Big T says:

    Highly recommended meals:

    Extra spicy: HotBox
    Mild Spicy: ThaiBox

  5. )Y( says:

    I was really looking forward to trying this place ever since I saw it at Al Hamra. Today when I finally got a chance to I was very disappointed, it should have tasted a lot better for the price and one of my shrimp appetizers was not cooked! I was literally eating fish bait. All jokes aside a total fail.

  6. chef says:

    wow, terribly sorry to say that ive tried noodles yesterday evening and it is sooo not good…blend, no taste and as a customer will never recommend to my friends

  7. andrew says:

    i just ate there and sorry to say the food was not good at all. ordered sweet and sour chicken and beef in black bean sauce and the combo starter. its what i usually order when eating chinese. the food was too dry… when i told the chef he said that i had to tell them that before they cooked it in order to make it moist…….hmmmm. sweet and sour with no sweet and sour sauce and the other with no black bean sauce…. 11 kd gone to waist.

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