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Yesterday Sultan Center launched their new Adailiya store and unveiled a brand new identity with it. They dropped the word Center from their name so it’s just Sultan now which is what everyone called it anyway. But, their new icon feels too generic with one friend describing it as looking like an energy company.

The new Adailiya store is part of the company’s original plan to launch 20 new stores between 2020 and 2025, with 14 stores already launched. Their 2025 vision is to have a Sultan store within a ten-minute reach from any point in Kuwait’s inhabited areas. There are currently 46 Sultan stores in Kuwait.

So what do you think about the new logo?

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Just went there, its good. the produce section is full comes with the precut fruits which I like. Then they got the basic stuff like meats and snacks. I can see the store as a quick grab and go for things that Sultan Center is known for.
I’m happy with them and will be going back again soon

Oh can someone tell me why I need to sign up for their app to use their self checkout? I’ve never been to supermarket anywhere in the world that required me to sign up to an app to self checkout. Only exception is Amazon but that’s because you need to sign into the store with the QR code because there is no checkout process at all.

A tactic to capture contact info to send marketing material and junk mail usually. Annoying yes; but I get it. Now let’s see if they wow you with particular rewards/specials etc that make it worth giving up.

What i miss about Sultan Center, was seeing & hanging out with the founder Riad Sultan, in early 90s, post invasion, until he retired. Then it went downhill. It used to be the hip place to be.
The new rebranding does seem like a petroleum company, don’t like it.

Hello, this is Riad Sultan. Thank you very much my friend for your kind words and I am happy to hear that you enjoyed our conversations.

En pointe. SMG!
The logo is very financial sector looking and does not smack of trendy or innovative or even context appropriate. Dropping the word ‘Center’ should work. Their branding may have a problem in the Sultanate of Oman- governance issues. Tagline- Even the Sultan comes shopping at the Sultan, and delete! 😉
Hybrid logos are fun. Look at Lufthansa airlines Air India and Kuwait Airways. Their logos belong to the same tribe down to their gametes.

Slowly but surely, the brand and the logo will grow on you. I like the idea of upscale friendly neighbourhood ‘Bakalas’ inside every residential suburb patterned on the 7-11s. They could add a drug store on the side and provide value adds such, as 15 minute home deliveries for meds, condoms and toilet paper – about the only things you will require in your life, stat.

It’s high time they rebranded. I never liked the old logo. The new one looks like something from free stock photos (similar to QNB). Come on Sultan, spend a little.

Hi Mark! Good morning, first of all, it gives me such pleasure to see your blog with no sidebars, secondly, the new logo of Sultan looks really good and it reminds me of another logo I can’t recall at the moment< but all in all its more modern than the old one.

Some ideas for the new blog designer (request):
1. please let the comment section be at the end of the post rather than putting it near the header of the post so we can easily comment after reading the post

2. Please move the comments box to be on the top of the previous comments so it will be easy to comment rather than scroll down to find the place to comment.

love the new look and looking forward to your upcoming modifications.

best of luck 🤞

If they can recapture the spirit and quality of their supermarkets like back in the day, then who cares about some logo? Also, why didn’t you show any pics of the new store?

We already have a Sultan Market with this logo in Muscat since sometime now, its a low cost version of Sultan. I know now its the same one. Google “sultan market amerat”.

We already had Sultan wholesale centres since a long time now.

With the re-branding hope they are able to drive home a ‘ Fresh Market’ appeal to their stores which had set them apart from the competition till the late 90s.

With a totally altered population demographic in a New Kuwait post the liberation, Sultan would do well to stock up on ethnic products from Al Aseel supermarket of Dubai.

While I agree Kuwait society on the eve of invasion and on the eve of its National Day in 2023 looks entirely different, Sultan should step up to the plate of being an outpost for Dubai based Dr Datar’s Al Adil supermarket NOT Al Aseel with their hard to come by ethnic products.

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