Bassem Youssef is Coming to Kuwait

Bassem Youssef (@bassem), is coming to Kuwait next month to co-headline a comedy night alongside popular standup comedian, Maz Jobrani (@mazjobrani).

If you don’t know Bassem Youssef, he’s an Egyptian-American comedian and television host who went viral late last year after his appearance on the Piers Morgan show. Maz, on the other hand, has performed in Kuwait multiple times and was part of the popular ‘Axis of Evil’ comedy group.

The show hasn’t been officially announced yet, but Maz Jobrani was able to confirm to me that they are indeed coming. The date is currently being finalized, and they will announce it soon. Both will be performing together in Abu Dhabi on May 24th, so I’d expect them to be in Kuwait around that date.

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He is fun to watch. His political opinions are very accurate, he remains composed & shuts down the other side who is brainwashed

maz jobrani and Bassem Yousef. will be interesting to watch them perform. About Maz Jobrani, it always cracks me up when he explained in one of his gig on how got the permit to perform in Kuwait. He had to walk side to side on the stage to get approval from the censorship.

No way he is one of my favirut comedians he was talking about gaza palistane alot his epesodes are so funney waiting to go and see is how in kuwait

Bassem Yousef- I have him all confused for Sulayman Al Bassam. I hear they are bringing Othello’s Arabic language adaptation to the JACC and soon

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