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Sneak Peek: Chipotle Interior, Prices & More

Yesterday I was at Chipotle Avenues Mall (they’re not open yet, I was just given access) and here is everything you need to know.

Opening Date:
They still don’t have an exact date, it will be during Eid that’s for sure, possibly April 10th. (Update: The opening date is officially April 9th)

They’re going to be slightly more expensive than the US, but just slightly. For example, the burrito in Kuwait starts at KD 3.5 which is around $11.5, the same burrito in the US would cost around $10.5 (with tax). Here are all the items and their prices:

Burrito KD 3.500
Burrito Bowl KD 3.500
3 Tacos KD 3.500
Single Taco KD 1.250
Quesadilla KD 3.700
Salad KD 3.500
Kids BYO KD 2.250
Kids Quesadilla KD 2.000

Chips KD 0.950
Chips & Guacamole KD 1.900
Large Chips & Guacamole KD 3.150
Chips & Fresh Tomato Salsa KD 1.250
Chips & Tomatillo (Red Chili) KD 1.250
Chips & Tomatillo (Green Chili) KD 1.250
Chips & Roasted Chili Corn Salsa KD 1.250
Chips & Queso Blanco KD 1.750

Chicken, Steak, Braised Beef (Barbacoa), Sofritas, Veggies “includes Guacamole”

There will be 4 ways to order from opening day, you can either stand in line and build your order with an employee, or you can order from their digital kiosks, order through a QR code on the table, or order through the Chipotle Middle East app which will be available at launch.

Won’t be available at launch, but will become available as they open more branches.

Some of the staff were brought in from Chipotle in the States and will be here permanently including the manager. Their prep and cooking kitchen is open and visible while waiting in line (I love that). Everyone I met and saw while there seemed happy and thrilled. I’m not very familiar with the brand since I only had it twice before, but the vibe I felt was really upbeat and fun, they’re really excited to open.

Hmmm, I think that’s all there is to know. I didn’t eat anything because I wasn’t really hungry, but I did leave with some fresh chips and guacamole.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. And this is my last Chipotle post, I promise 😅

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yeah that’s like the vegan tofu protein-based meat alternative that they have. I was worried they wouldn’t offer that here but im glad they do now

Is it fast food like Taco Bell. Or more like mid tier diner. I heard about chipotle from TV shows but never tried it yet.

It’s not fast food and they don’t like to be called fast food. It’s a higher tier than Taco Bell, everything is fresh and cooked on location. The cooking kitchen is also exposed so you can see the products they’re using.

Google “South Park + Chipotle”, it will give you a much better understanding of how their food is seen by many who have eaten it.

Also, in real life I don’t think they make the spray. You’ll have to get creative.

Horrible franchise. Kuwait has much better, fresher, cheaper food than Halal Guys which is highly overrated

Chipotle makes sense for Kuwait because its Mexican food in an Arabic country. You dont bring a crappy franchise like Halal Guys to an Arabic country where quality & freshness is much better

I don’t know what Halal Guys pissed in your cornflakes but all the HG’s I have visited were awesome and super fresh. And where do you think Halal Guys would be getting their food from if in Kuwait?? Same place as every other restaurant in Kuwait I assure you.

Ya but selling halal guys in kuwait is like going to mexico and selling burritos from chipotle, you feel me?

How does that work for other Arabic restaurants that open in the Middle East but not Halal Guys?? Kinda curious 😉

Mostly because they are not franchises if they are new restaurants opening locally catering to arabic food.

I mean imgaine me going to the UK and opening a fish and chips place, for example a shrimpy, that would be real dumb wouldn’t it

Last June I was in Florida visiting family and I finally tried Chipotle from the hype. It was around 11 bucks for the burrito. It was a big burrito but that branch was bad, the ingredients had been sitting out and I wasn’t impressed, I ended up going to Chick-fil-A for food after getting the burrito. 3.5 KD seems to be the going price for burritos in Kuwait. I might try it when the newness goes away and the crowds die down.

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