Spinach Littles Nuggets

Just a random post, I’m obsessed with these spinach nuggets, I got them a few days ago from a place called Makani in Shuwaikh and they’re so delicious. It’s by a brand called Dr Praeger’s and they are very easy to make, you just throw them in the air frier for 10 mins and they make a good breakfast. They’re not ridiculously priced and they’re not just for kids, you can get them here.

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ummm ok scientist, make sure you publish your paper on how they’re both toxic since the whole world is using them for frying and baking. Also both can be purchased in supermarkets so make sure you email the coops and sultan center informing them of the dangers. The world seems to even think sunflower oil has health benefits so hurry up and publish your paper so you can save lives! #urgent #savetheworld

So by your logic, everything sold at supermarkets is healthy right? That’s the most ignorant thing I have heard in a long time! Go do some research about seed oils and then talk. I’m not a scientist, I’m just not brainwashed.

I mean the least you can do is educate yourself of the right information before pretending to be a world class nutritionist

Well, i do agree with you on this but we are living in this world, where most of the things are compromised in terms of food. Not only oils but other stuff too. we can call it slow poison but most of us doesn’t care to read the ingredients which are written in codes like E15, E16 etc.

I work at Target in Arizona. We sells a boat load of these everyday. There is a big variety of them not just spinach. I don’t know if Kuwait imports the others

they do have a pretty decent variety here, at least on their website so I’ll now order the other variants as well and try them out.

Although not ideal, but that’s an option for busy families with children, youre a grown man, whisk up some eggs and eat them for breakfast. One ingredient with some salt, cheaper and more nutritious. Also a serving of veggies for kids isnt equal to an adult’s serving if thats what you got sold on

All oils should be taken in moderation, They use Canola oil in so many salad dressings. Those Spinach bites ingredients look relatively healthy. Do you guys even know what processing is being done with french fries and burgers. Leave Mark alone lol

P.S I just purchased the bites and can’t wait to try them lol

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