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Belgium vs Egypt Football Game Tickets

The Belgian football team who are competing in the World Cup later this month in Qatar will be playing their last friendly game this Friday in Kuwait against Egypt. The match is taking place at the Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium and tickets are currently on sale starting at 10KD.

If you want to watch the game live, you can buy tickets from here.

22 replies on “Belgium vs Egypt Football Game Tickets”

I’ve put the same passport number for two tickets. It’s given me the same ticket twice.

Now I can only download one ticket and I can’t change. I’m stuck, who do I call?

Particularly as the ticket providers are apparently Swiss, with no contact info at all provided…

Well based on the fact that so many tickets are still available you’re probably right and they’ve outpriced themselves.

On the other hand, someone in the classifieds section is selling two tickets to the world cup Belgium vs Canada game for 100KD if you’re interested.

hmm actually maybe I should buy it.

I need to know if I can take someone whose name is not mentioned on the ticket… dude originally assigned the ticket backed out.

Do stadium staff at Jaber Stadium allow anyone with a valid ticket or do they also verify to ensure an identity match?

Only English broadsheets before they went tabloid and foreign magazines in Kuwait are meant to be that expensive not a soccer friendly. Again, it is possible the organisers were deluded into thinking it was Hercule Poirot in Zamalek- the Opera they were hosting not a football match. Dear God, please forgive them their sins for they know not what they are doing!

10KD is the starting rate. It goes higher. I hope the A team plays for both the countries. Keeping that hope high, I have purchased tickets – desperate to see Courtois, DeBryune and Hazard.

15kd for ticket on the halfway line, which is quite cheap, but you have to hold the flags for the linesmen!

The match was amazing. So happy to see all the top players. Stadium was almost full, and the vibe was unbelievable. Worth spending the money.

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