Baladiya’s Fast Response

The garbage situation next to my house isn’t anything new, I mean, I’ve been complaining about it for over a decade now. But last week I had an interesting interaction with the Kuwait Municipality (baladiya) over it. At one point the garbage overflowed as it usually does due to the limited number of bins, but the garbage men were emptying the bin and leaving the overflowed garbage on the floor. The trash was just lying there for 4 days straight and the stench was horrible, you couldn’t drive by it without having to roll up your windows.

Eventually, I had enough and decided to contact the municipality over their WhatsApp number. I sent them a message at 8:22 AM, it was a photo of the garbage taken from my window and the location pin. A minute later they asked for more information which I replied with.

An hour later (9:36 AM) while leaving my house I noticed there was a baladiya bobcat and workers picking up the garbage and throwing it into the bin. They actually acted on the issue super fast. I wasn’t sure if the whole send a complaint thing over WhatsApp was still active so glad it was. ‭If you want to also WhatsApp the municipality over a problem you have their number is 24727732‬.

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Scrap that. Just added to contacts and it didn’t need country code. Not sure why some other contacts needed country code to work.

I rememeber they had a number a while ago thought I saw it here on this site. I need it now but can’t find it.
It takes me usually 1 minute to drive through a street in yarmook but now it takes me 5mins cause of all the potholes I don’t want to pop my tire or hurt my suspensions smh

I used the number above few times but no luck at all..

Let me try and harass them again, you have any clue about abandoned cars ?

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