Videos from Inside Avenues During the Storm

I was only out for a day but I feel like I missed out on a lot of action.

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yeah but I guess our infrastructure can’t handle heavy rain in a short period of time. Anytime we get a storm warning I move my cars out of my buildings basement to a multi story parking down the street because of the risk of my basement getting flooded. In the past its only gotten ankle deep but there is potential for worse.

Ahh the amazing construction by the contractor’s in Kuwait. Same one that did the Assima Mall, no issues there?

The conditions of the roads are not great either, funny we read an announcement that said Kuwait is ready for rains in the papers a few weeks ago.

What materials were used to build this mall? This keeps happening almost every year when there’s a big rainstorm and no one is doing anything to prevent this??

Its crazy how only one half of Kuwait felt the insane storm and other half nothing when the country is kinda small
In Avenues’s defense I feel like Avenues has been through worse storms over the previous years so something extraordinary happen this time around cause it lasted maybe 30mins only

I just hope the restaurant staff at roto who got injured are treated well and get paid from insurance cause they deserve it

Isn’t that your friend’s restaurant?

He’s a good guy. He doesn’t deserve this. Hope his insurance covers it.

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