Funniest Person in the World is Coming to AUK

Finnish stand-up comedian ISMO is coming to Kuwait as part of his international comedy tour. ISMO, who is the winner of the title “The Funniest Person in the World” by the comedy club Laugh Factory, will perform at AUK on January 25th.

I hadn’t heard of ISMO until now and I watched some of his clips on YouTube and he seems like a funny guy, but I wouldn’t call him “the funniest person in the world”. If you’re looking for something to do, tickets start at KD15 and can be purchased through

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Wonder who decides on all this ? The funniest man alive, the best restaurant in the world, the happiest man, the most successful doctor and so on and so forth. A rather nebulous concept, no. One man’s poison is another’s remedy. By that token what may be construed as funny by some may be lame for others or even plain dull for a few others….

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