Fish and Chips in the City

There’s a new fish and chips spot that just opened up in the city called The Fishery. They opened next to where Lunch Room used to be in T21 Tower, right across from Behbehani Complex. Their main menu consists of three items:

Fish Fillet Burger KD3.950
Fish and Chips (dory or cod fish) KD5.950
Shrimp Roll KD4.500

I haven’t passed by yet since my cheat day is on Friday (new year new me!) but it looks promising from the photos. They’re currently in their soft-opening phase but operate a full day from 2PM to 11PM. If you’re interested, they’re on Instagram @thefisherykuwait

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The more of these local dining spots open the pricier they are getting and the thing is, they don’t meet the expectation price-wise (generally speaking).
I love fish and chips and speaking of…
there’s good cod fish and chips in Marks and Spencer, and isnt as highly priced and also easily available everywhere location-wise.

I love fish and chips, I won’t mind having it for breakfast but I don’t trust fish dishes in the restaurants here in Kuwait, how can I be sure its Atlantic cod and not that cheap swamp farmed white fish from Vietnam

I do, almost daily, but not fish or any kind of seafood .Breaded fish is %99 white farmed Asian fish , zbaidi and hamour fish in restaurants is the Bengali kind that comes frozen in cardboard boxes from Bangladesh and you can smell its stinch a mile away, no thank you.

Ever since I came from UK, I’ve been craving for Fish & Chips. I know I won’t get the beer battered version, but I will definitely check Marks & Spencers and this new place.

They may do the non alcoholic beer battered version here! 😉 Cod & Dover sole are in short supply in Kuwait- they always are. Even Riccardo at the Sheraton are always sold out for Dover Sole- makes you wonder if they had it on the menu in the first place

Of course its pricey. IF its real cod being imported than theres a reason for the price. It has a long distance to go, remain frozen or refrigerated while being transported. That fish is nowhere to be found in or around the GCC.
Go look at the price of local catch such as tiny shrimp, zubaidi, hammour, etc. Last i saw almost 10 years back it was overpriced. I can only imagine the price today.

Hey Mark, there’s a new restaurant that just opened today at the T21 tower as well. Its a breakfast concept restaurant called Teta’s and I highly recommend trying it out.

It is definitely really Cod… tastes good too. At KD6 it’s on value for money.

Though not sure about the “chutney” as a starter – which is actually strawberry jam – or serving mushy peas cold.

Everyone’s complaining that fish and chip here is pricey, have you seen the UK prices recently the price for a good F&C is about out £10.90 and upwards. Then you have the dodgy places for £6.00

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