Kuwait’s 6 Hottest New Year’s Eve Dinners

There are a lot of NYE dinners taking place but here are the 6 hottest ones in my opinion (listed in alphabetical order).

40 KD per person

Mei li
90 KD per person

MZ by the Sea
75 KD per person

95 KD per person

30 KD per person

Upper Street
60 KD per person

19 replies on “Kuwait’s 6 Hottest New Year’s Eve Dinners”

Thanks dear, could you also share events happening like fireworks, new year eve special music with dinner kind of, for families.

So what makes them the ‘must have/ be at’ places? Are there superstar djs playing there? Michelin star chefs cooking the food? Why have you chosen these particular establishments / experiences as ‘the hottest’? More information please…


Why have you not incorporated the LIKE, AGREE, DISAGREE buttons in your blog? The most popular blog in / about Kuwait is missing it badly methinks.

“Vox Populi” will be complete with those, don’t you think?

If you give out the reasons why not in a separate write-up, it will make a hugely interesting read.


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