New Police Cars, Hot or Not?

The cops have started getting their new cars with the updated livery and I’ve already seen a few on the streets and I think they look pretty hot. They’re much nicer than the current cars and I love the new metallic blue they’re using.

But, a lot of people seem to dislike the new livery, no idea why though.

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Hands down P71 police interceptor Crown Vic’s were the best both in terms of performance and comfort!! There is a reason why they became such a hit in States. Even after being discarded, it was liked by a few because of sheer comfort and spacing within the car.

Forget the cop cars, what we would like to know is whether the new cadets are hot or not …😉
Mark, as an old timer in Kwt do you recollect how popular the TV series CHIPS used to be on KTV-2 ? I think only the Donny & Marie Osmond Family show had higher TRP ratings in Kuwait.

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