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Regular Mail to be Delivered to Your Home Starting February

According to the Ministry of Communications, starting February 2023, regular mail that arrives to Kuwait will be delivered straight to your home for a small fee. This means you no longer have to figure out which post office your package arrived at and then go through the hassle of picking it up yourself.

The package tracking system is also being revamped and improved since the current one is fairly basic and not that informative.

This is really good news because if the post office starts delivering mail straight to me I might just start shipping more stuff to them instead of using more expensive couriers like Shop&Ship and MyUS.

16 replies on “Regular Mail to be Delivered to Your Home Starting February”

About time! Really tired of dealing with the rude and lazy people at every post office here… I’ve lost so many packages that even have tracking numbers on them but I’ll probably still stick with DHL and FedEx for now.

It is good to know that it is happening during Feb. Now I know I have to avoid such orders for at least 2 months because there will be a lot of issues and mistakes.

I have a bad feeling about this. Probably will be some scheme to employ a few more jobless people. Like the civil id delivery system. I would any day go to the PACI and get my civil id for free, than have to listen to some rude delivery guy asking me to be ready outside my house in 5 minutes, then show up an hour later. On top of that pay 2kd for that crap.

It’s now February 2023, and this hasn’t happened. Four shipments within February, all forced me to go to the same postal office over and over at the point they memorized my name. My latest shipment was supposed to be delivered by DHL, and yet the postal office decided to snatch and intercept it despite including only TWO PIECES OF CLOTH. What am I gonna smuggle through that, ash & nakhi?? Funniest part is that it happened with shoes, iFixIt drivers, PS5 game, iPad LCD screen, written letters…Aramex, DHL, USPS, PostalUS…you name the item or courier. If this was about the customs fee, I can just pay that when the courier comes to my home, so what’s with this cat & mouse chase? There is no logic in this, proving that all this was is yet another falsified statement made to appeal to the citizens and the media, only to pull back on what they stated.

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