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Things to do in Kuwait this Weekend

Not a lot happening this weekend but there is a good variety of different things. check out the list below and let me know if I missed anything.

Thursday, May 18
Zahy Expo
IFK Cinema Night
Workshop: Palestinian Embroidery
Wejha Open Studio Nights
Artistic Studio Nights

Friday, May 19
Zahy Expo
International Museum Day
Voices from the Occupation
Lets Go Thrfting!
Touch of Hope Charity Concert
Indie Print Festival

Saturday, May 20
Al Hamra Music Night
Zahy Expo
Lets Go Thrfting!
Coffee Sunset Sea Cruise
Clothing Swap & Shop
Theater: Out at Sea

An Oasis in the Desert of My Soul
Hundred Best Arabic Posters by 100/100
I am Every Woman by Rasa Romanova
Voices of the Occupation by AUK

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