iHop is back in Kuwait and now with Kout Food Group

iHop, previously an Alshaya brand closed down their physical locations back in 2021 before eventually closing down delivery as well. Now they’re back in Kuwait again but this time they’re Kout Food Group, the same company that has Burger King, Pizza Hut and Subway amongst other brands.

They just opened their first location at CRE Mall in Mahboula and will be opening other locations including one in Avenues. They’ve also started delivery which is being handled by the cloud kitchen operator Kitopi.

I was always a fan of iHop since they had a pretty good affordable no frills breakfast and some great pancakes. Their Mahboula location is completely out of the way for me so I’m not going to be passing by anytime soon, but definitely will once they reopen in the Avenues.

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I went yesterday as soon as I heard it was open and like you, a fan – it was packed at 2pm but happy to wait for a table. The lovely staff advised a wait and all kept their composure throughout. Breakfast was perfect as it always was though the beef bacon was tough to cut…. Note that the restaurant is two restaurants in one, as it has a full Applebees menu as well, which might explain the startup delays but we left happy and full after a pancake breakfast.

Is kuwait build highest tower in the world?
According to Google, I get some news that kuwait is going to build the highest tower in the world Burj Mubarak Al Kabeer
Is it right?

That was a proposal in which the Kuwaiti company made a lot of noise. They expected the government to GIVE them the land and for someone to completely finance the project, but nobody was interested in taking that bite without someone providing any substantial investment of their own.

Now I really really wish someone would bring back another Alshaya abandoned brand back to Kuwait – Garrett’s popcorn!!

IHOP/Applebees are open 24hrs ready to serve delicious and quality food with outstanding service from the ❤️

I’ve seen IHOP and Apple bees in the Avenues (opening soon). in the 1st floor food court. next to Magic Planet. at the same location of the closed restaurant Burgerfy.

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