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Last month I posted about a new multibrand store that’s opening in Hawalli called eFashion. What grabbed my attention was their teaser image on Facebook which had multiple brands that weren’t officially available in Kuwait yet like A&F, Hollister and Under Armor. I didn’t really understand how they were getting all these brands but I assumed it was just old stock. That comment irked the team behind the project which is why they invited me to pass by the store and get a sneak peek.


eFashion is a new project by Eureka electronics and it’s going to be located in their new eMall building located in Hawalli opposite Sultan Center. eMall is what Eureka are calling the building which houses Eureka electronics, eToy family amusement center, eFashion which I am going to talk about now and a bunch of restaurants including Zaatar w Zeit, Cafe Supreme, Nestle Cafe, Mrs Fields, Chiquita Fruit Bar and opening soon the popular Turkish bakery Simit Sarayi and the Lebanese restaurant Villa Fayrouz. There’s also an eSocial Cafe that is opening in a couple of months where all the tables will consist of Microsoft Surface multimedia tables.


eFashion is located on the second mezzanine floor of eMall. Once you step out of the elevator you will walk out into the cosmetics department which separates the sports wear on the left hand side and casual wear on the right. We walked into the sportswear section first where I was met with the familiar Nike section followed by other sections like Puma, Adidas, Umbro, Speedo and more.


What I wanted to pass by was the Under Armor section since it’s a brand everyone wants but nobody had carried until now. I asked them how they were able to get the brand to Kuwait and turns out that Under Armor will officially be coming to Kuwait in around 10 months time but until they do, eFashion will be stocking up on their gear.


Once we were done with the sportswear section we headed into the casual wear section which was divided into three parts, men, women and kids. I walked around the whole area which was still being put together and noticed many brands including A&F, Hollister, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren RLX‎, Lacoste and more. Thats when I brought up the question on how they were able to bring these brands to Kuwait when some of the brands don’t exist at all or even when some of them already do. Specifically I wanted to know how they were able to get A&F and Hollister. According to the person I spoke, the A&F and Hollister clothing is brought in from the US with some strict restrictions by the company which I am guessing is a very limited range of products. You won’t find everything on the A&F website in their store for example and the section is fairly small consisting of one corner and a few tables in front of it. But they’re official A&F products which is all some people will care about. Other brands like Lacoste for example, the line they’re importing is different from what you will find at the Lacoste store in Kuwait.


We started talking about prices and I mentioned Sears which I had also mentioned in my previous post on eFashion. According to them, unlike Sears all their products are current to the season and they also have full size runs of all the items they’re stocking. Price-wise they will also be similar to US prices, so if you find something on the A&F website for example that’s $40, it should cost you around $40 at the store as well.

eMall is currently open but the eFashion floor will be opening in ten days time on August 15th. If you don’t know where eMall is located, here it is on [Google Maps]

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  1. Randy says:

    What? No eStarbucks??

  2. Ahmed says:

    Even after reading this post, I still find the whole thing suspicious.

  3. Nixon says:

    I remember seeing a good collection of under armor products in go sports avenues.

  4. Jeen says:

    So it’s kinda like Macy’s?

  5. Ahmad says:

    that place has terrible parking from what i remember

    • Mark says:

      Well they have parking across the street (the sultan parking) and they also have 2 floors of underground parking as well (free if you buy stuff)

  6. Latifa says:

    At least they will be selling original A&F and Hollister

  7. Burhan says:

    Is the Eureka part open yet? Or are they waiting for the rest of the eWhatever to open before opening the Eureka part?

    As for parking, the parking across the street for Sultan Center is barely enough for Sultan Center so I wouldn’t be counting on it much.

    The underground parking is a good idea.

    • Mark says:

      It’s all open except for the efashion floor. The place looks a million times better than their salmiya location, i told them they should renovated the salmiya branch since its so gloomy compared to this new location.

  8. AAi says:

    there’s a small hollister store in Olympia mall do people not know about it?

  9. ibnturab says:

    “Price-wise they will also be similar to US prices, so if you find something on the A&F website for example that’s $40, it should cost you around $40 ”

    I think they made a mistake here. In kuwait, if it cost $40 , its sold as 40 kwd :-)

  10. Meh says:

    I’m glad a&f and hollister will finally come to Kuwait. After they do, these douche brands will finally die. Just like superdry :)

  11. Kuwait says:

    Mark, every single time I need to comment on any of the blog posts (leave a reply), I need to re-enter the Name, Mail and Website fields. Till a few days back, it always had them automatically. Is there some setting you changed?

  12. vampire says:

    was there Hurley tshirts?

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