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T-Shirt Printing (Direct-to-Garment Printer)

When I was in Dubai a couple of weekends ago I got a Wizr t-shirt printed for me and a friend similar to the one Keith Wells had back in the 70s (the author of Wizr). I got it done at Virgin Megastore in Dubai Mall and it only took a few minutes to print each t-shirt. It was like an inkjet printer for t-shirts and the quality of the print was pretty incredible.

Has anyone seen anything similar in Kuwait? The printer kind is called a “Direct-to-Garment Printer” but the only ones I’ve seen in Kuwait use heat transfer with an end result that isn’t so great. With direct-to-garment printing, the t-shirt ends up looking like it was printed in a fashion production line.

If you don’t know what the Wizr is, click here.

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last time I wanted to print on a tshirt it was at alfaiha co-op upstairs

other than that there is that acc on instagram that does all sorts of printing on clothes

All wizr images and text is still owned by Keith wells. In emails, I tried to attain the rights to them but I felt he was holding out for a richer fan to buy them, Mark be prepared to destroy that image (or pay Keith) if he contacts you……just saying. Last I heard he had moved from aus to nz but he still had his email.

I beg to differ, but it is possible to print on black as well with Direct To Garment printer if there is white head or white ink in the printer which coats initially on which the design later prints.

Hello Mark,

We do DTG printing at our shop in Hawally, Ibn Khaldoon St, PrimeX Printing (next to Mcdonald’s)

You can even google map PrimeX Printing.

For further details, you can refer to our Instagram page @PrimexKW

Hey William,

We are open from Saturday to Thursday
10:30 AM to 9:00 PM

We suggest that you send us the design prior to coming so we can make it machine ready. (Will save you 15 mins)

I saw T-Shirt Printing at “Dragon Mall” on 6th Ring Road… They charge about 5 KD… Don’t know if they have printer or somthing else.

i have tried primex last month, printed one of my own design.

the process took 20-25 mins approx and the printing was better than expected

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