Rumor: EDO Moving to Salmiya

EDO used to be my favorite Japanese restaurant in Kuwait back when they were open in Shaab (pictured above). The space was cozy, the food was great and there really wasn’t much competition back then. But, when they closed their Shaab location and moved to the Sahara Country Club I stopped going because it was just too far and I really didn’t like the space anymore, it was just too open and it lost all it’s coziness.

Photo by @mohamadchehimi

But, last month EDO closed down their Sahara location and the rumor I’ve heard is that they will be moving to Al-Khaled Complex in Salmiya. That’s where GIA is located right now and where the Italian restaurant Vigonovo used to be. I passed by Al-Khaled Complex last week and looks like there is a lot of renovation going on so hopefully this rumor is true.

If it is true then I think Al-Khaled Complex is a much better location for EDO. Until they reopen, if you miss EDO they’re still delivering on Talabat.

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Am a regular customer there and i was told by a staff member that they are moving to sea club Bidaa so i doubt that your rumor is true

Ok Mark, they are not moving to CClub for sure, there was talks but unfortunatly its not hapenning. so i geuss you might be right with Alkhaled Complex. at least which ever location they pick is much better than Sahar.

Why, on the contrary it’s a great place to open up. It’s not part of a mall, it’s in a nice neighborhood and al khalid complex has a lot of history. VIGONOVO was killing it there before they increased their rent and were forced to leave.

It’s just not that upscale for edo… I can see it as a place for a restaurant with good food, vigonovo like you said. But vigonovo had a casual feel, edo was like more of an occasion, atleast to me

I went to Edo as a walk in customer and they refused me a table for two because I was wearing bermudas and the guy there said that they were fully booked as the restaurant was empty apart from 2 or 3 tables at early evening, however I was with a friend who is member of the ruling family so I got back to the car and drove off, then we made a phone call and did a reservation in his name for 10 people and told them we are on the way to them and our table was ready as we circled the block :). I got out of the car and went in and asked for the main manager and called out the man who refused me a table based on judging me for my shorts, such a shame to judge people like that. Since that day we never went to Al Shaab Edo till this day.

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