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I have a cousin I see once every few years. Every time I see him, he mentions cross-fit (Ali, I know you’re reading this, please stop). When I first heard about it, it sounded good. Then you meet the people. Not necessary the people themselves, but their social media character. Jumping onto boxes, or over, or whatever it is. And I thought, “this…isn’t for me.”

I suppose the point is to inspire you, or themselves or someone. And I hope sincerely, that the mundane video of your friend jumping onto or over a box, inspires someone. Because if it does, that person was probably in a very dark place. Occasionally people will tell me “they” (the facist a person pays to yell inspirational instagram messages at them while the person repeatedly picks up and puts down otherwise useless pieces of metal) will work them until they puke. Isn’t that great? The smell of sweat and vomit! Just what you want around you while you’re breathing heavy.

For these reasons and many more, I cannot condone gyms. They’re far too moist and inherently narcissistic and I can’t for the life of me understand what anyone else to be narcissistic about.

I don’t believe in gyms. I believe in genetics. I, for one, am a delightfully svelte size 30 waist. Forever more and always. I love you, me.

TIP: Google “box jump fails” for more inspiration.


Winner: Circuit+
The amount of gyms we have in Kuwait and the amount that are popping up is going to soon start exceeding the amount of burger joints we have, and thats a good thing. Every other person in Kuwait is now doing CrossFit and the gym that probably started this craze in Kuwait is Circuit+. CrossFit was already available in Kuwait but Circuit+ took it mainstream and made it much more accessible to everyone. Right now they’ve got a couple of locations in Kuwait but their Shuwaikh one is just massive, it’s crazy huge. But, their gym aside, what I love about Circuit+ the most is their annual Battle of The East CrossFit competition. It’s a world class event bringing in competitors from around the world and creating a fantastic show for everyone in Kuwait to take part in and to watch. They’ve created a huge community and are giving back to Kuwait and for that reason I’ve chosen them as this years best gym in Kuwait.

Runner up:Inspire Pure Fitness
Inspire is the best mixed (as in guys and girls) gym you could sign up to and their new location at the Sahara Country Club is also the nicest looking gym in Kuwait. But, you’ll also have to sell your kidney to be able to afford their membership which can reach KD1,950 a year with their mandatory weekly PT sessions.

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  1. Sulaiman-COOKIEEEEEE says:

    Id like to see you gyms having a best blog award… Who would win? :)

  2. Sulaiman-COOKIEEEEEE says:

    * you guys sorry

  3. V says:

    Inpsire website says membership for 12 months is 950kd

  4. Nasser says:

    I never really liked the idea of CrossFit, I’m more of an old school gym type of guy, pumping iron and hitting the cardio machines after. This non-stop intense workout just isn’t for me.

  5. beefjerking says:

    Champions gym is the best

  6. Danah says:

    I am a member at Inspire sahara and that is not true. You pay the initial membership with 14 PTs. Once you finish your PT it’s up to the member to buy more. It is definitely NOT mandatory

    • Mark says:

      Hey Danah, it was based on whats mentioned on their website “all Inspire members are required to complete a minimum of one personal training session a week.”

      But Mike just mentioned below that Sahara has a different pricing.

  7. Mike says:

    Hi Mark,

    Many thanks for the feedback and the nice comments on the design. Its much appreciated.
    Well done CPCF.

    Inspire Pure Fitness has several memberships available and we expect people to conduct one PT a week over around 42 weeks due to holidays etc.
    At Inspire at Sahara the membership is 1450kd. This includes 14 PT sessions that do not need to be renewed when finished. It is also the home of Crossfit965.

  8. 3Tri says:

    Spark is definitely the best gym in country. Circuit+ is a freaking ripoff/showoff for no freaking reason!

    • Mark says:

      Well price wise they’re similar but it’s not just about having a good gym. I’m a fan of sparks but circuit+ is giving back to the community which is why I chose them as a winner here.

  9. Naveed says:

    hey i been searching all over for a sports rehab gym that wont cost 1000kwd !! … i injured my knee in football and need to strengthen my knee . any suggestions welcome !

  10. Zainab says:

    Can you make an updated version of this post for 2017?

  11. Claude Crook says:

    The only issue I’ve found with CrossFit in Kuwait is the drop in system.It’s basically non-existent.In South Africa it’s so easy to drop in you just call and that’s it.

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