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Man, do you ever wonder whether you’ve become a misanthrope because of the internet or the internet just feeds your misanthropy? Do you ever wonder what ‘misanthrope’ means? (if so, you’re the reason misanthropes exist).

These days I’m so lazy or unwilling to physically see other humans that not only will I not go to a restaurant to eat, I won’t even pick it up to take home. Not only am I unwilling to pick it up, but I’m also unwilling to get out of my car. Not only am I unwilling to get out of my car, but now, I’m also unwilling to speak to another human on the phone. I exaggerate of course, but not much.

And that’s why, the greatest website/app in the entire middle east is Talabat. Oh heavens, what a convenient little bastard you are. Somehow, some tenacious person convinced various restaurants to outsource online ordering to their website. And I’m sure some had reservations about doing it too. Among my circle of friends, we talk about new restaurants on Talabat as though we had actually been there without having to actually be there. So successful was this enterprise that it had been sold for what we in the FU industry call FU-money. Nary a week goes by without some restaurant relenting and joining this Khaleeji monolith. In my eyes, there is no competitor.

Of course, it’s not without its faults. Namely there are some crap restaurants with crap names and crap descriptions of their food (sandwish anyone?). But these are outweighed by the review section, which I frequently read not for actual reviews from people whose opinions are valuable, but rather for the hilarity of their review.

For example, “The food tastes disgusting and is not what the meal is supposed to taste like. Delivery took too long. Small portions. It just was terrible. 3 stars”. THREE STARS!!! AND THE FOOD WAS DISGUSTING BAHAHAHAHAH.

Or my personal favourite (translated), “the delivery was late. The burgers were cold. Totally unpleasant. 5 stars.” Hilarious.

Runner up:
The other day, I wanted to buy Batman Arkham Knight, conveniently checked the price online and conveniently bought it from PSN. THREE DAYS LATER the download finished. Very inconvenient. I could have just gone online and bought it from Blink. And replaced my toaster and bought some cups and wax for the car. But I didn’t, instead I had three days of disappointment, untoasted bread and an unwaxed car.

Shoutout to for having a website so slow, you’d think the server is on the bloody moon.


Once you get beyond the first page, I think the website looks ugly and outdated. But, there is no denying that Talabat is the most successful online business in Kuwait and they’ve got KD50,000,000 to prove it.

Runner up:
The runner up really should be since their website looks a ton better than Blinks and they have much more products. But, I just find Xcite more intimidating to use and I’ve run into the oddest issues with them. Did you know up until a few weeks ago you couldn’t even browse their website from your phone. If you tried to you would get a message forcing you to download their app. They weren’t recommending you to use their app which is a common practice but instead they completely lock you out from their website if you were browsing from your mobile phone. So stupid. Thankfully after I complained about how ridiculous that was, they now allow you to browse their site from your phone. If you’re wondering why I don’t use their app instead, well I used to but then one day when I wanted to buy something I had to create an account which is fine but they started asking me what my nationality was and if I was married or not. I couldn’t tell if those questions were mandatory or not to answer so I just ended up filling all the fields with dummy information and created a fake account to try it out. Turns out the personal questions were not mandatory to answer, but then I ran into another problem. Once you create an account with their app you can’t log out and create another one. So now I permanently get greeted by the app as “Hello Jdjdjd Jdjdjd”. I should probably delete it and reinstall it but I’m just too lazy to do so.

Blink on the other hand, although the website is ugly as shit is actually easier to use and find stuff plus their prices are mostly cheaper in my experience. I think it’s probably easier to use because when you land at the website they ask you which section you want to browse. So if you click on video games you end up in their video game section with all the product highlights and side bar sections being gaming related. On Xcite you have to dig deep for whatever you want. I generally use Blink for two things mainly, buying iTunes cards or buying video games. They seem to have ridiculously good deals every now and then and even when they don’t their prices generally reflect Hawalli prices (ie cheapest market prices) without having to go to Hawalli myself and get it. Convenient.

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  1. Sulaiman-COOKIEEEE says:

    I still don’t get why people buy off talabat, in my opinion its just another reason to sit on your ass all day. I just use them to see the menu :D.

  2. NotAnon says:

    Why can’t people here shop at infinitely better sites like Amazon or Newegg exactly?

    • Mark says:

      You can, but then you have to pay shipping (around KD4 per half kg) and you need to wait like 10 days to get it. Plus doesn’t make sense to order a video game from Amazon when it costs exactly the same in Kuwait.

      • Sulaiman-COOKIEEEE says:

        But if you have a store and need supplies amazon and alibaba are pretty good and you can get free shipping if you but large amounts. Plus there soo many games that aren’t available in kuwait.

        • Mark says:

          I don’t think you’ve ever ordered from Amazon. Firstly if you have a store you wouldn’t order from Amazon, it wouldn’t be cost effective. Secondly Amazon ships for free but to the U.S. not Kuwait. You still pay shipping to Kuwait. Finally not sure what game you can’t find in Kuwait, go to Rihab, they have everything. If they don’t then it’s easier to buy the digital copy and download it than ordering online from the States.

  3. NotAnon says:

    Oh I see. I thought it had something to do with sites not willing to accept card numbers that originate from Kuwait.

  4. lucky_boy says:

    M vote would go to blink, its basically Amazon of Kuwait. It saved me many trips to shady shops in Hawalli looking for PC parts and negotiating their outrageous prices like I’m buying crack. It’s definitely more expensive than amazon (even with the cost of shipping to Kuwait included). But sometimes you just don’t want the wait or try your luck with customs. So blink is the deal for me.

  5. Eric says:

    Does Nima have his own blog? ‘Cause I’d read that (in addition to yours, Mark)

  6. Basel says:

    Technically, Talabat is not an online store.

    • Mark says:

      It’s online and you guy stuff so technically it is

      • Burhan says:

        You don’t buy anything from Talabat.

        I think the award should be “Best Online Service” – for which 6alabat would win.

        Look at your runner up, blink – you can actually buy things from blink.

        • mohamad80s says:

          It’s an online shopping mall for delicious food :D

        • Mark says:

          Good point, but if you look at it that way blink is an online service as well. They don’t manufacture anything, they just deliver products to you.

        • bask says:

          Sorry Burhan but thats not quite correct & what an online service provider actually means something completely different.

          Wether it’s a service or an actual product does not change the business cycle taking place on any online storefront, as-long as it involves a purchase to process a transaction, then its a buying cycle.

          As a matter of fact, what characterizes an online store is being a store front that enables visitors to buy, find, order and pay for products and services. So yes, the award is correct.

  7. Ar says:

    Can we have direct link to the nominate websites!

  8. M4 says:

    I understand why you wouldn’t like the design of Blink, but you shouldn’t give an award (or a runner up) and call their website ugly as shit (even if it is).

    Being the biggest blog and source of info in Kuwait, I believe you have gained enough credibility to issue these kinds of awards. You might want to make it more appealing for businesses to share and inform their customers of that they won (or almost won) the 248AM awards.

  9. Lily says:

    I’m currently in love with Been using it for more than a year now

  10. bask says:

    If i am not mistaken, another major drawback of Xcite is their delivery timeline and no express option vs blink. Blink could deliver my stuff within hours while at Xcite it’s days. It kind of defeats the purpose of ordering online from them as i could just jump in the car and drive to any Xcite location around Kuwait.

    • Ahmad HH M says:

      xcite install for free tv, washising machines, ac complex systems…

      • bask says:

        We are discussing their online platform. Regardless, ordering a microphone, DVD player or a usb stick doesn’t need installation.

        • Ahmad HH M says:

          Eh eh try to buy a washing machine as I did, when mine died. Then you see haow nice is to have someone installing :-)

      • Burhan says:

        Almost every company will do this for free as well. I bought my TV from Eureka – free delivery and installation; I bought my washing machine from Babtain, free delivery and installation.

        So this is not something unique to xcite.

  11. naveen says:

    is blink safe and trustable?

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