9 Romantic Valentines Dinners in Kuwait

Valentine’s is next week and if you haven’t already booked you should since most of the popular places tend to fill up really quickly.

Below are 9 romantic places for a perfect Valentine’s day dinner.

Some restaurants have a set menu, which is the minimum price you can pay for the dinner. Places without a set menu do not have a minimum price, and you just order from their menu as usual.

All the places shared have something going on for Valentine’s from live music to decorations, call the restaurant for more details.

No Set Menu

35KD per person

Dai Forni
90KD per person
125KD per person if on the balcony

Mei Li
45KD per person

50KD per person

75KD per person

75KD per person

No Set Menu

No Set Menu

18 replies on “9 Romantic Valentines Dinners in Kuwait”

Then don’t have them. And stop imposing your world views on others who don’t mind spending “their” money during “their” free time on activities they “are not forcing” on you. Grow up Start minding your own business. Kind regards

Nothing more romantic than being sardined into a sweaty economy class seat, with no elbow room, and handsy row-mates for 4 hours. Might as well go to haggling at the jahra for the after party while I’m at it.

Yes expensive but some people don’t mind paying that much because they not only want the food, they are looking to make a memory of the whole experience.

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