Al Kawakeb Sweets has Closed Down

Al Kawakeb Sweets, the old ice cream and sweets shop in the city that has been open since 1945 has closed down. The whole building is being demolished and so they had to move out of their location which was across the street from blockat.

According to someone who left a review on Google they’re meant to move to a new location but there wasn’t a poster or a note left at the old location saying anything about it. Their Instagram account @alkawakeb1945 also no longer exists so they could be gone for good.

Update: They moved to Aswaq Al Qurain, here is the new location on Google Maps

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When i passed by there weeks back, I was told by the neighboring shop guy that they moved to Aswaq Qurain as well. Not sure where exactly

It takes me down memory lane. Cash & Carry used to be housed in a similarly dilapidated and flaky building somewhere downtown.

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