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Do you remember GameWorks?

GameWorks was an arcade that opened up in Marina Mall back in 2003. It was later renamed to GameWizz and eventually closed down in 2013. While going through one of my boxes the other day I found an old GameWorks recharge card and that triggered some nostalgia which got me looking for photos of the place.

For some reason, I couldn’t find any pictures of the place online. I guess because it was a period of time before camera phones or Instagram were a thing so not a lot of people took photos of the space and shared them online.

I went through my personal archive of photos and found a few, nothing too great and a few that was super low res since they were taken by a Sony Clie PDA, but they’re better than nothing. If you have any photos let me know. Here is a link to all the photos I found.

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Man, Gameworks was a highlight of my teen years! I used to go there every weekend with my friends, it was amazing

Their selection of Arcade games was excellent

I definitely remember this place, but I didn’t visit very often. I believe this was actually Steven Spielberg’s business, and there were even locations in the US and Austria (I remember seeing the Austrian one, but it was already closed down by 2003).

Hell yeah I remember. Spent a ton of money playing Out Run and Ferrari F355 Challenge games. It was my go to place for arcade games up until they changed the name to GameWizz (I think that was after and possibly in part due to the 08 financial crisis. I think Virgin Megastore had also ran into financial trouble around this period as well). Buddy of mine worked as a DJ there as well.

I did as part of old posts but Virgin Megastore were actually the first business to ever threaten me with a lawsuit and I ended up removing all my Virgin posts.

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