Kuwait Airways World’s Most Improved Airline for 2023

Kuwait Airways was recently named the “World’s Most Improved Airline in 2023” according to Skytrax, the airline and airport review and ranking site. This was the second year in a row that Kuwait Airways won the ‘World’s Most Improved Airline’ award. Last year, Kuwait Airways moved up from 179th place to 76th place, and this year they moved up to 42nd place.

Singapore Airlines won the top airline award for 2023 while Qatar came in 2nd, Emirates 4th, Saudi Arabian Airlines 23rd, Oman Air 27th, and Gulf Air 32nd.

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Looks like we’re getting there. Generally speaking I always prefer Kuwait Airways over any connecting flights from Kuwait. Their NYC and London flights have been great so far. Go on KU!!

Kuwait Airways travel to the US and Europe isn’t bad at all. It’s subcontinental travel that they mess up and royally, in terms of customer service or the lack of it. West bound traffic from India and the rest of the subcontinent is huge and keeps growing exponentially by the year yet they seem not to want to do an Emirates for India and the rest of the subcontinent.

Agree. Kuwait Airways seems to ignore service quality on the Asian subcontinent sector. Pathetic food. Outdated movies. Sometimes no headphones supplied etc. I am sure these kind of ratings have not taken these sectors into consideration. KA please improve these sectors also.

Actually they don’t have daily flights to most cities in Europe apart from London. So it’s almost impossible to plan a 3-4 days trip and back to Kuwait (if there is outbound flight there won’t be inbound or viceversa). Connectivity to Europe from Kuwait is still so poor. Qatar, Turkish and Emirates have 2 or more flights daily to every major city in Europe.
Now add to that the fact they serve some routes on A320 with reduced capacity (good luck trying to find a seat).
Finally add the no booze rule (big setback on long destinations)

KAC services are improving, KAC will introduce new destinations in North America & Asia in 2024.

I like it how they always get their cabin crew uniforms right: they are always en pointe on Balenciaga, Chloe and Nina Ricci. Wish they’d also prioritise on in flight entertainment and the in flight catering both in terms of the choice and overall food aesthetic.

Kuwait Airways is usually two steps forth, one step back. One thing that has always bothered me is how they censor their in-flight entertainment. I was watching Superman & Lois, and in any episode that featured alcohol (beer bottles, beer cans, wine bottles) it would be blurred out! Like if it was nudity or something! And I’m like, what for?! And it’s no problem if Muslims see alcohol when they travel to foreign countries? So ridiculous! 🙄

I hope and wish either Qatar Airways or Emirates pick up a stake when KU is finally set for an all out buy out as part of its privatisation adventure. If that happens the only way is up.

Meh. I can’t see it competing with neighboring airlines, not even Saudi. Improving while being really bad doesn’t really say a lot to be honest. The only plus for me is more direct destinations.

Had a 12 hour delay recently on kuwait airways. And the treatment during the delay was miserable at the airport, no transparency at all. Nothing provided to us during delay.So adamant , rude and arrogant staff. Pathetic.
Not sure what to do or where to complain.
May be this kind of treatment is only for Asian sector.

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