Avoid the Chipotle Line

Yesterday I went with a friend to Chipotle for lunch and to my surprise there was a pretty huge line. There were actually two lines, a really long line for the counter where they build your order, and another shorter line for the digital kiosks. But, here is a life pro tip, you can skip both lines by just placing the order through their website.

Instead of waiting in line to place my order, I just went to and placed an order through the website and then just went up to the pick up counter and got my order from there. I placed the order at 3:21 and five minutes later at 3:26 I got an email telling me my order was ready to pick up.

The reason you get your order so quickly is because Chipotle have two prep lines, one for in person orders and another in the back for digital orders. There are a lot less people ordering through the kiosk or website so you’re basically skipping the line by going through one of those channels.

So next time you’re at Avenues and feel like having Chipotle, just order through your phone.

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tried downloading app kept giving me page did not exist error or something. but then realized I could just order through website which is better since I don’t need more apps on my phone

I was there yesterday afternoon and ordered through the kiosk without a problem; there wasn’t a big line. However, I was confused about where to pick up my order so I waited in the Build Your Order line until an employee told me where to pick up my order. The burrito I ordered was good, but it was a bit heavy for me and I only ate half (I should order without rice next time). Also, it was kinda pricey for nearly 5KD for 1 burrito.

I don’t understand why so much noise about this place. Tauk coleslaw from Mashawi is better than any buritto

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