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Captain D’s Kuwait – 1980s

This is one of these posts that will mean absolutely nothing to everyone except me. When I was a kid back in the 80s I remember there was a fish and chips place in Salmiya on Baghdad Street that had a wooden interior. That’s all I remember of the place and the fact the name had the word “Captain” in it. I’ve been searching for YEARS trying to figure out what the place was and never could. Until today.

Randomly, while flipping through some old Kuwait Times newspapers from 1984 I came across the ad above for Captain D’s. I was like WTF, right away I noticed the address of the Salmiya (spelled Salmiah) location was Baghdad Street. This was it, I finally found out what the place was called.

Back in the 80s there was a company called “Al-Kazemi Food Company” which had the franchise in Kuwait. I don’t think the company exists anymore today since I couldn’t find any trace of them online but back then they had three franchises: Captain D’s, Popeyes and Pizza Inn.

Interestingly if you notice in the ad above it says that they were opening Captain D’s in Carlton Hotel. Thats the hotel that now has the Korean restaurant KOREA GWAN (previously called Koryokwan).

Anyway, if anyone has any more info or photos please let me know.

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yup, i just found out today, had no idea they were here in the 80s. I guess kinda like how A&W and Arby’s keep closing and reopening. Also Subway, I remember Sultan Center were the original Subway franchisee in the mid 90s. I think Subway has swapped hands 3 times. Pizza Hut as well, used to be with Americana in the early 80s then became part of Kout Food Group (Al-Homaizi).

Pizza Hut Is still owned by Americana, but not of Kuwait anymore, but I’m not sure if that Popeyes (The one in the 80’s) is real because it mentions things like Hamburgers and Mexican Tacos.

Hey mark,

Thanks for sharing this post.

Pizza Inn Still operates in Kuwait today, with delivery options on Talabat etc

im not sure if my memory serves right but i do remember pizza inn having a branch in true value alrai a decade ago. their mozzarella sticks were delicious lolzies

I totally remember this restaurant as a kid. I remember the smell of fried shrimps. I was thinking it was called Popeyes!

My relative used to work at Al-Kazemi group!
They have long gone past their best years these days. Used to be a promising group in the early 2000s. A string of lawsuits recently had the company dispose off various sections of their group of companies like their Chocolate Factory, Hotels, and the Food Group too I would assume.

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