Carriage – Restaurants that don’t deliver now deliver

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Last month I posted about the new delivery law where restaurants can no longer have a minimum delivery order or charge more than 500 fils for delivery. The law turned out to be controversial since it benefited the consumers but hurt small businesses. Now though there might be a solution for those small businesses who can’t afford their own delivery vehicles, while also being beneficial to us consumers.

Carriage is a new local service provider that delivers food from restaurants that don’t usually deliver. So if feel like pizza from Solo PN or Sweet & Sour Prawns from Peacock? You can now order from them using the app Carriage. Of course the service isn’t free, Carriage charge KD1 per order which isn’t a lot considering you don’t have a minimum order amount to pay or compared to how much some restaurants charge for delivery.

Right now they’re still in the beta testing phase so the app isn’t available yet in the Apple and Android store. They should be launching sometime later this month. If you’re interested in trying out the app before the official launch then visit their website and register for the beta program [Here]

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  1. teenum says:

    Just like the Swiggy app in India. That’s amazing! :D

  2. Carriage says:

    Thanks for the boost Mark! and for everyone, be sure to check us out/follow us on social media if you wanna find out more!


  3. Bollywood Over Hollywood says:

    Is this going to help your friend, Ahmed Ja’afar?

    I hope so. I’ve always been one of their biggest fans, even before you lent them a helping hand by posting about them on here.

    He was so hospitable to my visiting Norwegian friend and I.

    Total sweetheart.

  4. Sulaiman-COOKIEEEEE says:

    1k.d per order 0_0, I’m sorry but thats a ripoff.

    • Mark says:

      How is it a ripoff? They created a solution for you to order food from places that don’t deliver, they then go pick up the food for you, deliver it to your home and handle the payment system. How much do you think that service should cost? 200 fils? KD1 is a pretty good deal specially when you consider that delivery companies like Mr Delivery charge KD2.5 to deliver items.

  5. H says:

    Total ripoff, they know you’re ordering from expensive restaurants, they might as well charge a percentage, unless their restaurants are in Nuwaiseeb.

  6. K- says:

    Hopefully the UI/UX is good unlike the shit that is talabat.

    • Mark says:

      sadly the UI/UX isn’t that great. The app looks really outdated and not visually pleasing. You also can’t order from a bunch of places at the same time, you need to order from one place, get that done then order from a second. So it wont be practical if you’re with a large group of people and everyone wants to order something from a different place.

      But its still in beta so things will most likely get fixed.

      • K- says:

        Businesses in kuwait must take design seriously if they wanna succeed, It would be a shame to lose a customers just because of a shitty interface.

        I mean seriously? if your business is based around an app you better make it good, So get off your butt and hire a professional designer/programer not some guy who would make you an app for 500 kd..

        • Mark says:

          i think the issue is where would u find a good app developer? Majority of the people ask around if they know anyone who does this or that. Like when people ask me if I know any web developer i always send them to Andy at Are there any good local app developers? Maybe I could round up a few names if i find any and post about them.

  7. Navin says:

    @Bollywood over Hollywood: I will vouch for Papa John’s…they’re good!

  8. Rani says:

    This is actually a ripoff, they are charging 1 KD for delivery when at the same time taking high % of the order value from restaurants! That’s how those models typically work in the states and Europe! Only businesses are far more greedy here in Kuwait unfortunately, hence this one charging 1 KD!!!

    Plus seems the government are keen on enforcing the 500/250 fils part of the law rather than the minimum order amount since reducing delivery charges is sensible and fair to small businesses at the same time benifitial to consumers, unlike eliminating the minimum amount all together which is not practical. So how could this concept work inlight of this?

    All that said, why in earth would i order some expensive gourmet food (5 KD slice pizza or 5 KD salad) for delivery and pay that much when I would rather go dine in and enjoy the experience which is what actually justifies the price.

  9. _sK says:

    Thank god, Slice would feel way better delivered to my doorstep!

  10. DeViL says:

    Great idea! Anyone willing to join the competition feel free. People may call it a ripoff, but paying 1KD for the food of your choice is not. Consider you don’t own a car, you will pay minimum 750fils to go one way to pick it up(if it is in your locality). I hope it is not limited to just carrying food items. Singapore has motorcycle taxis that ferry people and double up as couriers. The idea just needs catching up.

  11. Anon says:

    Are people really complaining about 1kd? What a bunch of cheapskates lurking around here then. I don’t mind paying an extra KD instead of getting up, driving to the restaurant, wait for the food, and bring it home. I can’t get my head around these people.

  12. H says:

    “That’s the added value here, they’re bringing you food you usually couldn’t get…”

    Don’t know about that being an added value, but good luck to them.

  13. jean says:

    So if I am in Sharq and want food from Fahaheel they will charge me 1 KD, doesnt make sense to me.

    Also it would make more sense to just go and get the food yourself if in 5KM radius than ordering via carriage taking the time into consideration and it would cost you around 1 KD back and forth to your home with the food.

    1 KD does not make sense as a business.

  14. Talal says:

    This is Kuwait! Gormet food is already expensive, so I wouldn’t pay 1KD delivery on top of it!

  15. sam says:

    I love this idea!!

    I sure hope they deliver starbucks coffee :D

  16. Meh says:

    I hope they don’t take two hours like talabat

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