Chocolate Spread

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While flipping through some pictures I had taken with my phone, I found this shot which I had taken in a supermarket in Lebanon. Its a collectors edition of Nutella. How come we didn’t get that here in Kuwait? I actually noticed that in Lebanon there is a larger collection of chocolate spreads then Kuwait. Maybe once Carrefour opens up they will start getting stuff Sultan Center doesn’t.

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  1. Stafa says:

    sultan has service where u can ask for products they dont have

  2. Stafa says:

    btw Mark, wheres the thread about ur mobile which u sold?! :/

  3. Mark says:

    i decided to remove the post since it was “unappropriated” ;)

  4. BLoBoz says:

    I’ve seen these cans somewhere in Kuwait, but I can’t remember exactly where ;\

  5. jane says:

    is it opening in kuwait mark?

  6. Don Veto says:

    It is the French influence, the French have Nutella and the English have marmite and Kuwait has na5i and bajila :-)

  7. Mark says:

    yeah jane at The Avenues

  8. Nutella has got to be the best!
    Ok im going to go have some for breakfast now :)

  9. mo says:

    Carrefour will open in the Avenues on the fifth ring road this year..

  10. zoomzoom says:

    god even Saudi Arabia have Carrefour!!??

  11. jane says:

    oh i didn’t know that! that’s so great!! finally , why has the opening of it bushed back to the summer i thought they said it is opening in the end of 2006

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