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Why Super Nintendos Lose Their Color: Plastic Discoloration in Classic Machines

snes discoloration

A very informative article on why old systems and specifically the SNES get discolored. I always figured it was something in the plastic and that light might also have something to do and turns out I was mostly right. [Link]

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geek!!! shame on you mark,, this is science and everybody have to respect it,, i felt humilated categorizing it as geek!

i read the whole article,, it isn’t something about video gaming,, this is simply about oxidation of the complicated hydrocarbon construction of the plastic,, it’s organic chemistry

it wasn’t interesting as what he have found to be the cause of the discolouring of the SNES and other plastics used in MAC,, but i found it interesting how he got interest on such a case from the SNES

did i sound geek ?! “ (-_-) “

hey mark, where exactly is the panasonic shop in the city with the SNES for 15 KD?? also, what games do they have? I hope they got street fighter, i was fucking hooked on that game as a kid.

its yousefi dealer but i was told they dismantled their videogame section. anyway i am selling a discolored snes with a very slightly discolored NES and the Apple II for KD5 in the forum. Its practically free.

The Friday market is the best place to get old systems and games. You can haggle game prices down to about 250 fils/game and get away with paying about 1 KD for the system (which may or may not work).

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