Corny’s Smashed Lemonade & Corndogs

Post by Mark

Over the weekend I got to try Corny’s smashed lemonade and corndogs over at the baseball tournament and damn they were good. Corny’s Smashed Lemonade and Corny’s Corndogs both belong to Josh who also has Corny’s Shaved Ice. He just recently started serving lemonades and its by far my favorite lemonade in Kuwait.

Watching Josh make the lemonade is pretty entertaining since he has a cool contraption a friend of his created for him that smashes the fresh lemons in front of you before he adds ice, sugar and water to it. He serves the lemonade in a huge 32oz cup which means you’ll be drinking nearly a liter of lemonade. Even though that’s a lot I was still tempted to get a second serving after I was done with my first one. And then the corndog, it was so good that I was already planning to order my second serving while I was still midway through the first.

You can watch Josh make lemonade in the entertaining video above which he posted on instagram. He used to work in real estate hence the great sales presentation. Josh pops up at random events with his concepts so you can follow him on instagram to find out where he’ll be next if you want to try one of his products. His instagram accounts are:


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  1. Guy88 says:

    Last para, second line

  2. cajie says:

    Tap water? I assume that is not in Kuwait.

  3. fahad says:

    Hes a racist **shole trump supporter. should shit his ass down

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