Portarage Roadside Assistance App

Post by Mark

This is kinda related to my previous post, Portarage is a local roadside assistance app that allows you to request help if you run into car problems. The app has four different kinds of assistance you could call for:

– Tow Truck
– Flat Tire
– Petrol
– Battery

A couple of years back I had posted about a similar app called Winch but that’s no longer available or working and was only for calling a tow truck. Portarage should be a better alternative since not only can you request a tow truck but you could request a jump start, help fixing a flat tire or call for fuel in case you run out.

The app is available for both [iOS] and [Android] and is free to download.

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  1. Ahmed says:

    Nice. Any other good apps for Kuwait.

  2. DJ Bonita says:

    Used these guys before when I had a flat tire at work. They arrived within 10 minutes and 15 minutes later they had changed the tire, checked the air pressure on all the others, and were on their merry way. Love them!

  3. Khan says:

    Yes… it would be very helpful if you also shared their charges.

  4. Malik says:

    Absolutely awful customer service.
    I requested a spare tyre, since I had used my other spare the week before, and hadn’t had time to replace it.
    They told me they would send someone, then 15 minutes later called me to say that it was “too expensive” (whatever that even means?).
    Upon hearing this, I told them I will pay anything, I just need to get to work.
    They then told me my car is the “wrong type” for the tyres they had (?!)
    After telling them I have a very standard car with standard tyres, they then told me they are not open for business.
    Terrible service, they deserve to be reported.
    Their number is +965 2266 3333
    Avoid them at all cost, use ANY other service than this!

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