Dear Coffeeshops

Post by Mark

Clearly we have too many coffeeshops at the moment but I actually like that, I think we’ve found a sort of a loophole in the system. Since we can’t open bars in Kuwait people are opening coffeeshops with the same vibe as a bar, just coffee instead of alcohol, and it’s working.

My only issue is why is everyone opening a coffeeshop in Kuwait City right next to 20 other already good coffeeshops?

Earlier today I wanted to have coffee with a friend of mine in Jabriya and we realized there wasn’t any good coffee place in the area, so I recommended we drive down all the way to the city to Arabica. Then a couple of hours ago I was supposed to meet another friend over coffee in Salmiya, and the only place I could think of was Magnet, which I actually like don’t get me wrong. It’s just once you’re outside of the city you wouldn’t think there was a speciality coffee trend in Kuwait, it’s non existent.

So dear coffeeshops, please open up outside of Kuwait City closer to where people live. Thank you.

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  1. Mo says:

    There is 2 Starbucks in jabriya

  2. Alicia says:

    THANK YOU! You have read my mind, Mark!
    I dream that Arabica opens a coffeeshop (as you stated) in a residential area as I never go to Kuwait City. It would be nice to grab their coffee on my way to work as I am growing tired of Starbucks on a daily.
    I’m so disappointed that all these amazing coffeeshop mainly focus on Kuwait City – I personally rarely drive there.
    Also, does anyone know if by any chance perhaps Arabica will start delivery service?

  3. Musaed says:

    Plus all crossfit boxes in Kuwait City!

  4. Abdulatif says:

    There is a new arabica branch opening soon in shuwaikh market

  5. Hamad says:

    I noticed that in Kuwait we have specific spots, like Hawally’s Ibn Khaldon street, Rehab Complex or Salmiya’s Restaurants street (shar3 el m6a3m haha), that are all about that one thing, you know? So maybe specialty coffee shops are taking the initiative as well and taking that Arabica cafe spot as the specialty cafes territory.

  6. Wael H Dreegia says:

    There’s one opening right across from New Mowasat Hospital in Salmiya. Looks like the interior is complete.

  7. Jay says:

    A little off topic, but can someone who has visited some/ most of these new specialty coffee shops comment on the cost of the drinks vis-a-vis say a Costa or Starbucks? Im kinda scared of venturing close to them, thinking they must be expensive

  8. _sK says:

    I believe hence Starbux & other chain coffee are saturating these area’s, the coffee houses are left with no option but to eye Kw city.

    P.S. I’d love a specialty coffee house with library & board games room, anyone aware if there’s any?

  9. EveZ says:

    Check instagram for

    They are a newly opened coffee shop on wheels. They keep moving around as needed. I’ll message them to share more details with you.

    Their opening was besides Radisson SAS. Last 3 days I believe they were at Murooj.

    Basically they are on the move and could be in Salmiya anytime. You would just have to message them on instagram to know.

  10. q80 says:

    Most of the coffee shop owners are looking for the “prestige” of owning a coffee shop


  11. A lot of people agree with you.

    This is what I wrote last week about that Korean market opening up in Shuwaikh:

    “Why do they keep opening up good stuff there?

    And why are they all next to each other in one area? Wouldn’t it make more sense to open up one that is closer to most people? Nothing exciting ever opens up in Salmiya (except Vigonovo ;) )

    I know you won’t be able to answer all these questions – or maybe you could, I don’t know – I’m just venting here.”

  12. zaydoun says:

    I work very close to “Coffee Boulevard” and I’ve been watching with pleasant amazement the area’s transformation/gentrification/hipsterization. It’s messy, chaotic, and parking is an issue but it has injected some much needed urban life to downtown at all hours of the day. You’d be surprised how many of the young crowds hanging out at these coffee shops have rarely ventured into the city before. I find this shift away from soul-less shopping malls to a more street oriented urban culture very encouraging.

    As to why they’re all concentrated in one area… this is typical in any new up and coming area in any city. They start the wave and soon other parts of the city will pick it up. All you need is one or two adventurous entrepreneurs to open a couple of hip destination in Old Salmiya (for example) and the rest will follow!

  13. meh says:

    These coffee shops are mutilating the old city.

  14. Jo says:

    Hi Mark

    A new coffee shop is opening up in the street near or behind (can’t remember) to Holiday Inn in Salmiya. Right next to a Baqala and near the brand new health food restaurant. Go check it out.

  15. jimccy says:

    Dose Cafe is opening in The Lake – Al-Funaitis

  16. 3azeez says:

    Have you seen a documentry about the oceans and sea life?

    Did you see how tiny fishes swim along big sharks? how they eat the bits falling off the sharks mouth?

    New cafe’s operate with same concept. You have couple successful coffee shops with long queues… so try to catch some of the impatient customers who aren’t in the mood for standing in the queue much longer.

    AFter all, people are not there for the quality of the coffee, they are there to hangout. As long the atmosphere is up to standard and the people are cool enough… the place is good enough.

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