Kuwait Motor Town Race Circuit is Under Construction!

Post by Mark

Last July I posted the video below as well as renderings of the proposed Kuwait Motor Town race circuit. Not only did the project finally get a green light, but construction is already on the way and 92% of the digging has already been completed. The video below for some reason has been circling social media the past week as if its something new but it’s not new and its no longer accurate.

Kuwait Motor Town will be a world-class race tracking that will feature seven racing circuits. The track will be FIA Grade 1 circuit designed by TILKE, the same people behind a number of popular F1 tracks including Yas Marina and the Baku City Circuit. The circuit will be a state-of-the-art facility that is able to host Formula One and MotoGP races in the future.

The project is being handled by the Amiri Diwan who are behind projects like Al Shaheed Park and the new cultural centre. The circuit is expected to be completed sometime next year and will be located off highway 40, across from Ali Sabah Al Salem. [Google Maps]

The rendering on the very top of this post is currently the latest available rendering but it’s not the final one. I’m trying to get a hold of the final renderings but for now if you’d like to check out videos of the construction work and stay up to date on the project, check out the instagram account @afs_q80

I can’t believe we’re finally getting a race track in Kuwait and not just any race track but a state-of-the-art one. I guess I’m going to need to replace my Datsun with a new car I could use on open track days. This is so exciting!!!

Update: I managed to get the latest renderings of the circuit from Ali Fawaz Al Sabah (@afs_q80) who is the president of the Basil Al Sabah Motor Racing Club. These are the latest but not the final final renderings since more modifications were made. Ali and his team have been working day and night on the project for 9 years trying to get it approved. In the visuals below you’ll find the karting, moto-cross, rally-cross, super-cross, 4×4 technical and ATV circuits as well as the main F1 and Moto-GP circuits. You’ll also see renderings of the mall and hotel. Once you click on a thumbnail you’ll see the description on the bottom left of the image.

You can find the full resolution of the images above [Here]

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21 comments, add your own...

  1. zaydoun says:

    I hope we get concerts and parties too…. oh wait

  2. Kuttan says:

    This is the best news ever Mark. You just made my day.

    Can’t believe this is happening in Kuwait Yippppiiieee!!!

  3. Nasser says:


    I have a strong feeling that someone will post something about Kuwait needing to utilize its money better and build better roads! better hospitals! a better airport!

    There has to be one person who posts that here sooner or later.

    Lets see ;p

    • khaled says:

      Kuwait needs to utilize its money better and build better roads! better hospitals! a better airport!

      • Mark says:

        They are! We’ve got 2 brand new airports on the way, a brand new hospital and better roads. If you read my blog more often you’d know that

        • Nasser says:

          I did not think my point will proven that fast LOL!

          Mark, do you know the account @Mashro3y_Q8y on Instagram? He’s great, constantly posting updates on all the big projects, as well as whats new

        • Jassim says:

          Hi Mark, There are actually 11 new hospitals on the way with a combined total of more than 6000 beds; Kuwait Children’s Hospital is currently in design phase and will tender within a year, the new Maternity Hospital construction contract has been signed and is staged to begin construction any time now, the Al-Adan Women and Children’s Hospital expansion is under construction, the New Al-Sabah Hospital is under construction, New Al-Amiri Hospital is well on its way, the New Farwaniya Hospital is under construction, the New AlRazi Hospital, New Ibn Sina Hospital is in predesign stage, the Police Hospital is tendering, the New Al-Jahra Hospital is under construction, Physical Therapy Hospital is in predesign stage, as well as countless other clinics that can’t be considered hospitals and are incredibly state-of-the-art like, Sheikha Salwa Al-Sabah Center for Stem Cell and Umbilical Cord which is under construction, and NBK’s Children Hospital for Oncology and Hematology which was very recently completed and awaiting commissioning. And that’s not counting the Kuwait University Medical Campus which it might take another 5 years since its still in predesign stage but it’ll have a state-of-the-art 600 bed education hospital to replace Mubarak General Hospital.

  4. Khaled says:

    Eliminate the golden turd, clad the buildings in anything that isn’t shitty alucobond and we have a deal. Please please please line a world-class hotel operator up for this thing.

  5. Sh says:

    Best news I have heard in the longest time.

  6. Naser says:

    Funny how people will take credit for the work of others. That’s how Kuwait works though :)

  7. Teyrx says:

    Its about time!

  8. Travia says:

    Can’t wait I just want to take the civic down the drag one or two pass this is going bring Kuwait alot of money and people from all over

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