Now that Deliveroo has been operating for sometime I wanted to see how they’d match up with Carriage on delivery speed. So, I decided I’d place an order with both services at the exact same time and see which would get to me faster. The first step was to find a restaurant that was on both services, for that I decided to go with Eighty Six.

I ordered the same item on both Carriage and Deliveroo which was “The Scrambled” sandwich and I put the delivery address as my office which is down the street from Eighty Six.

So which got here faster?

Before placing an order I checked the estimated delivery times on both and they had Eighty Six listed with the following average delivery time:

Deliveroo: 15-25 mins
Carriage: 25-30 mins

Order was submitted at 12:58PM for both.

While tracking the drivers to my office, the Carriage app suddenly stated that the order had been delivered to me. Carriage drivers have a habit of marking an item as delivered before they get delivered which is annoying. Then my phone rang and I looked outside my office and spotted the Deliveroo driver there. So I opened the door and as the deliveroo driver was handing me my order, the elevator door opened behind him and the Carriage driver was there also with my order.

Conclusion of my very unscientific test? Both Deliveroo and Carriage were exactly the same speed in this occasion which is why I feel like I kinda have to turn this experiment into a best of 3. So stay tuned for a second run at this.