From Serious Eats to a Pizza Place

13 years ago I posted about a person called Sa’ad, a pizza fanatic who had submitted his pizza ingredients to Serious Eats and ended up getting featured there. The Serious Eats article is no longer up on their website but you can still access it through Web Archive by clicking here.

Fast forward to today and Sa’ad has finally opened up his own pizza place called What?izza. I haven’t tried it yet but it’s on my to do list since based on the photos on his instagram account, the pizzas look really appetizing and they sound like they have a very nice crisp to them. It’s a pretty cool story and he’s obviously still a pizza fanatic so check him out

17 replies on “From Serious Eats to a Pizza Place”

He’s amazing
Best pizza in town 💯
My brother gets their pizza twice a week
They run out of pizzas, that’s how good those guys are !
Literally best pizza place with the best garlic knots everrrr

@Mark you should try it out soon

I’m that brother, Pakhana, is referring to.

Coincidentally I got it again today.

In no particular order:
Garlic Knots
Magic Mushroom
Two Much Pepperoni
Chicken Attack!

You have to try all these.

Just be aware it’s in West Abu Fatira – behind Lulu’s in Qurain… not Abu Fatira.

So if you going to pick up in the evening, expect traffic carnage.

But I can certainly recommend the pizza… chicken attack is a little spicy for my taste but still very good. The garlic knots are superb.

Thank you for heads-up Mark. First time I’ve been after your blog post and definitely not the last.

I am guessing there are only a handful of places that service vegan items on the menu but is there a dedicated ‘vegan only’ place in town?

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