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Haiso Asian Market

This place isn’t new but I only found out about it recently from TikTok (via @ruqiaalmurshed) and since it was a few minutes drive from my place, I decided to check it out. The store is located a few buildings down from Promenade Mall in Hawalli and can easily be missed if you aren’t paying attention.

Like Singarea, Haiso is an Asian market where you can find all sorts of Korean and Japanese food products. The store is small, but every single item there is imported and not items you’d usually find at your regular supermarket. They have all sorts of dry and canned goods but the store also has lots of frozen items as well as a large selection of Asian drinks. Check out this video I found if you want to see more items on their shelves.

I actually think Haiso belongs to the Ginza Market owners who are major importers of Asian food products in Kuwait. Both Ginza and Haiso are located in high traffic areas so just visit the one that’s more convenient for you since both places basically carry the exact same items. Here is their location on Google Maps.

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Please i wanna know where i can find Udon/thick noodles it doesn’t matter if fresh,dried or frozen. Saveco used to bring Tesco brand, but it’s been like 8 months since they didn’t bring any. i’m craving them like crazy

Hello Mark!

A Kuwaiti lady here, just wanted you to know that your articles regarding news, places, etc. are very much appreciated! I always look forward to your updates, thank you. ♥️

I’d like to second that. As a guy that lived in Japan for eight years, and before GPS, your location info on these places is on point. Greatly appreciate you making my time in Kuwait more livable!

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