Heart-shaped watermelons at Sultan Center… for KD99 each!

Post by Mark


Sultan Center are now selling heart-shaped watermelons for a ridiculous price of KD99 each. According to Sultan, only 120 pieces of these heart shaped watermelons exist and 40 were sent to Russia, 40 to Japan and 40 made it to Kuwait. I have no idea who would pay KD99 for a watermelon but they seem to think there are 40 people in Kuwait who would.

Thanks Abeer

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  1. Jawa says:

    Because Japan, Russia, and Kuwait have a demand for heart shaped watermelons?

    Weirdest thing i’ve seen all year.

  2. AA says:

    Not even for a 5 KD.

  3. h8mondayz says:

    waste of money :/

  4. Ahmed says:

    Where was this during Valentine’s Day?! This would sellout in minutes! This is what I call a missed opportunity :/

  5. Mangolicious says:

    I believe year on year, the Kuwaiti market also breaks all manner of records with consumption of the Indian Alphonso mangoes.
    Wholesale retailers at Crawford Market in Mumbai are literally, laughing their way to the bank with record export sales of the fruit to Kuwait most notably, from merchant families in Kuwait. Anyone who knows their mango well would not dare buying it from TSC or any other retailer in Kuwait. Direct orders from wholesalers in India is the only sure shot way of getting a good deal.
    @ Ahmed: the reason why they didnt market the fruit for Valentines’ is eating it would have then be deemed un-Islamic. At least, now you are able to have your heart shaped watermelon and eat it too! :)

  6. Qster says:

    And it aint even seedless

  7. Muskmelons- any takers? says:

    You still can have your heart shaped melon for Valentine’s. Many are known to hoard these melons in their deep freezers and the only time you will find them eating it is come February. Pretty neat, no?

  8. S. says:

    Maybe it’s part of an experiment…

  9. Kuwait says:

    Just flip it around and you have a butt-shaped watermelon


  10. Abdul says:

    i know how to grow such a shape.

  11. Anonymous says:

    And Valentine’s day is no where near!

  12. Einar says:

    How it’s made and not only Heart Shape, look at the website http://www.fruitmould.com/product/heart-shape-watermelon-on-sale

    Well I agree people saying this price for mold shaped watermelon is ridiculous.

  13. abeer says:

    i guess they will have to bring the other 40 too in kuwait

  14. hellppp says:

    what if its not sweet….

  15. May says:

    I heard that it has been seized by ministry of commerce…

  16. Dania says:

    Come on! I can cut heart shaped & star shaped melons for only 1 K.D.! :-)))

  17. Longhorn In Kuwait says:

    Just go to the industrial area, pay a carpenter to make the heart-shaped boxes, grow your own watermelons insid ethem and sell them for half the price. It’s that easy! It’s not rocket science!

  18. mo says:

    apparently the till lady said a lebanese bought TWO. Seriously WTF

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