Skydiving in Bnaider

Post by Mark


I spotted the flying boat yesterday down in Bnaider but had no idea they were planning on skydiving with it. Jumping out of a flying boat at 3,500 feet sounds absurd but they did it. Watch the video below.


via Frankom

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  1. Blaise Braganza says:

    Mark it cannot be 35000 feet they would freeze to death.

  2. Nixon says:

    That’s insane!!
    And the whole time holding the stick lol

  3. Sauce says:

    that boat has no business being up there, THATS UBSURD

    • Kuwait says:

      Mercs in ditches
      99KD Heartshaped watermelons
      Fine for BBQ at the beach but not for smoking in public
      Boats flying

      In Kuwait, anything is possible

  4. Sumsang says:

    WTF is a flying boat?

  5. boyousef says:

    no shoe jump

  6. Mak says:


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