How to get your hands on Munchos

Post by Mark


I was talking to a friend yesterday and somehow we ended up talking about the popular Munchos chips from the 80s. He was telling me they’re nearly impossible to get nowadays because they sell out before they even hit the supermarket shelves. They’re in real high demand and so they’re always out of stock.

But, turns out there is a way to get them by using a Munchos dealer.

So the Munchos dealer is basically a Fico mandoub and the way it works is pretty simple. You add him on whatsapp and you send him a message letting him know how many boxes of Munchos you want. Once he gets a supply he’ll contact you and you’ll then be able to pick up a box. So if you’re interested in Munchos, the number you can contact is 50273636. I don’t know what his name is I just have him saved as Munchos Dealer. So now I have a Munchos Dealer to go along with my Mango Dealer. I love Kuwait.

Photo from Kaifii

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  1. sala6a says:

    Oh my God Mark, do you know how many times i’ve been trying to find them either online or at anyplace ! I thought that no one remembers Munchos anymore !

    I am ordering today… THANK YOU !

  2. Kuwait says:

    Now only if we could get Thums Up

    • Why buy Thums Up when you can make it at home?

      1. Pour regular Pepsi into a glass.

      2. Add 2 table spoons of sugar.

      3. Leave the glass out for 3 hours.

      4. Enjoy its fucking gnarly taste.

  3. Tizoc says:

    The logo looks very similar to the Mexican snack chip company


  4. jm says:

    childhood memories, i cant believe they r still around. i will call him after work…..thanks mark

  5. I can’t wait to munch on these with my kids.

  6. Sue says:

    The small new jam3ya from my area (adan block 8) have it.

  7. Nahar says:

    Noo way! Thats awesom :p bn tryin to find it for some time! Munchooose feast

  8. Ali Sleeq says:

    Does it bother anyone that I can only see the small frowny face on the package?

  9. Munchos black market coming soon!

  10. Kall says:

    Thanks Mark for the Info.

    It’s really a bit expensive for KD 6 / Box. from the dealer who gave me another dealer’s number 99800746.
    He mentioned within 10 days availability.

    For nostalgia I will get it.

  11. mak says:

    I need quarter of munchos.. no seeds

  12. zaydoun says:

    There was a truckload of them in our office not too long ago


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