Ghaliah Sells 40% Stake for $20 Million

Post by Mark


Ghaliah for those of you who don’t know are a locally established social media agency that launched back in 2011. Today they’re the largest digital agency in Kuwait handling the majority of the social media accounts of companies in Kuwait as well as manage most of the local celebrity instagrammers. Early last week they sold 40% stake in the company to a local investor (Al Bahar Group) for a sum of $20,000,000. That makes Ghaliah the latest web related startup in Kuwait to hit it big. The other two I could think of right now are Talabat and FishFishMe. Ghaliah will now be using most of the new funding to expand their services to New York and Dubai (they’re already in Saudi Arabia and Qatar) as well as introduce new services.

As I’ve said before, a good idea is a good idea even if you’re based in Kuwait. If anything, I think because of the amount of free time people have in Kuwait, it makes perfect sense to start a side business here (and many people do). On a side note does anyone wanna pay me a few million for my blog? Will include lots of Shani in the deal.

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  1. Loay says:

    Its good to see Talabat and Ghaliah boosting the kuwaiti market iv heard that there is a negotiation on selling iBadala app 2 weeks ago
    @ALAKBArkwt: قصة نجاح وابداع الشباب الكويتي بعد صفقة موقع طلبات المليونيه هناك مفاوضات من قبل شركة امريكيه كبرى لشراء تطبيق iBadala بمبلغ 13 مليون دولار!
    Well done keep up the good work 👏🏻

  2. Burhan says:

    Its fishfishme (not FishMe).

  3. Sami says:

    i would pay millions for this blog, if i had the money :D

  4. Molder says:

    > 20M
    > hit it big

    Peanuts compared to other similar agencies in other parts of the world. The buyer got a good deal.

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