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Some of you might already know JOA since they’ve been on Carriage but they just opened up their first physical location and it’s located right next to Habra in Kuwait City. For those of you who don’t know, JOA is an ORA creation that serve sushi but also specialize in poke bowls. I had previously only ordered sushi rolls from them but over the weekend I passed by their location for lunch and finally got to try one of their poke bowls. I fell in love instantly.

I ordered the regular sized “Tuna on Fire” poke bowl with extra protein and it was so damn good that I ended up ordering it again for dinner that same night from Carriage. They’re soft launching their new location today and their timings for now will only be from 12PM to 7PM. The place is tiny with no indoor seating but they do have an outdoor seating area.

So if you’re interested, their instagram account is and here is their location on [Google Maps]

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  1. Tarek J says:

    They added a bunch of new bowls over the weekend, but their original basic Salmon bowl is so good I couldn’t get myself to order anything else last night

  2. zaydoun says:

    I had to google “poke bowl” only to realize I already tried one at OVO

  3. Daremon says:

    Don’t mean to poke you but what’s meant by a poke bowl, s’il vous plait. I would imagine it’s nothing to do with Pokemon.

  4. Randy says:

    awesome poke bowls and really good sushi .. probably my favorite sushi for the past 6 months or however long they’ve been on Carriage :-)

  5. Ahmed says:

    Unrelated question: What kind of camera do you have in the second pic?

  6. Mobi says:

    Just had this for dinner. The food was nice but the tiny portion sizes in comparison to the price was ridiculous. Would not recommend unless you rich as fuck.

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