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Post by Mark


Last month I posted a complaint about how my past few shipments with PostaPlus had taken twice as long to arrive than usual. While previously packages would take around a week to get delivered to Kuwait after arriving to my US mailbox, my past three shipments had taken 11, 13 and 21 days. But things are back to normal now since I received two packages since that post, one had taken 6 days from my US mailbox to my door, the other 7.

During that time I was in contact with PostaPlus who investigated the delays and they sent me the explanation below:

1. Weather conditions: Europe (Our transit HUB) has experienced bad weather conditions that had caused flights to be cancelled.
2. Change in customs management structure, if you recall there was a big situation going on and has caused some key people to be removed, henceforth situation was unstable and extra security has been added on shipments.

So everything is back to normal, now if they can only hurry up an implement Knet payments everything would be perfect.

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  1. BlarneyBob says:

    PostaPlus must have this kind of discussion after you posted your review:

    “Hey, find out Mark’s US postal details. Whatch it like a hawk. And as soon as you get a whif that he has some package, send it out IMMEDIATELY. Don’t even let it sit on gis just send it! Rent a plane if you must, in the name of everything holy.

    And before you relax, hit up the details of those who commented too. Lest somebody else complains like Mark”

  2. Burhan Khalid says:

    Funny how FedEx (Borderlinx) never have these “problems”.

    • Dun says:

      Yes exactly. Borderlinx was delivering everything on time, despite it raining in Europe (lol). They are also lying about customs, because if the problem was from customs it would be easy to see that the item arrived in Kuwait and is being held up in customs.

  3. prof says:

    Did you know that their US facility is closed on the weekends (Saturday & Sunday), so if USPS tries to deliver it on weekends you will get a notification from them that the “business was closed” The item will be delivered the next delivery day that the business is open.

  4. Mohdmost says:

    Mark how are you ? when i read your post i already made an account there and they let me pay 8 KD but till now i didnt get the email , they told me they will send me mail with conformation so any help ?

  5. Mohdmost says:

    your answer is so rude didn’t know that you unpolite blogger what a rude reply

  6. Daniel says:

    This is completely off topic; but did anyone notice that edfa3ly is no longer charger per gram and the shipping charges are killing its customer base

    • Mark says:

      i did and i have it in my to do list to post a retraction on my previous review. their minimum charge now is KD2.5 which defeats the whole purpose of using them.

  7. anonymous says:

    PostaPlus does not provide Airway bills so I lost $45 to taxes because of this. I wouldnt use them anymore.

  8. nasser says:

    mybox started consolidation service, but too bad you get 2 weeks only

  9. Matthew says:

    After reading this, the lateness of my parcel from makes sense. I ordered it in April, it arrived in Kuwait on the 4th of May it’s been out for delivery since the 8th of May, it’s now the 17th and hopefully tomorrow it will come!

  10. SHINZY says:

    Posta Plus sucks big time. My package shows delivered to my address but posta plus hasn’t updated anything yet. over a week now.. whenever I call them, their customer representative would say ” Its not showing in the system sir, check it tomorrow” how long they want me to wait.. horseshit service..

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